Our Management and Practices Team

Stout's staff is made up of expert software developers and engineers, and a core of software industry veterans each with decades of experience in solving tough technology problems.

Peg Bogema

President LinkedIn

team-psbWhen John W. Stout founded Stout Systems in 1997, Peg Bogema was his first hire. She and John worked side by side to grow the company from its original two-person team to the organization it is today. Her career as a computer professional began as a technical writer and training in the heady days of business computerization. Under John Stout’s guidance she learned the crafts of project management, software development management and business leadership. Peg transitioned from her role as Vice President of Operations to the role of President in April 2017.

Bob Hoffman

Vice President of Public Outreach & Business Services LinkedIn Twitter

team-bahBob began his career as a Software Developer and subsequently moved into a variety of roles in Enterprise Systems Development, Business Development and Sales and Marketing for companies including Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Thomson Reuters and Fiserv. He also founded and grew a highly successful staffing organization which was recognized as the second fastest growing franchise in a network of 600+ offices. In his current role, Bob’s mission is to drive global recognition of the Stout brand and to introduce Stout’s services to a broad spectrum of new clients and new candidates. Bob joined the Stout team in 2013.

Certified ScrumMaster Logo

Dave Sweeton

Chief Technologist

team-dsDave Sweeton is Stout’s Chief Technologist. He began his career as a software developer in the mid-1990s. His technical path has led him from C++ with WIN32, COM and STL to early Web development with VBScript and Classic ASP (memories of which have been repressed to preserve sanity). From there he moved with the times to C#, the ASP.NET/MVC platform and WPF for desktop applications. Along the way, he has also developed in Java for the Linux platform, done embedded applications for several flavors of operating systems, become a topnotch AJAX programmer, resolved stubborn performance issues, utilized a variety of database tools including MySQL and SQL Server, and still loves the power and features of C++. As an architect, Dave is responsible for numerous installations at major corporations throughout the United States. He has a well-deserved reputation for making the right technical recommendation, for saving money and for making our clients extremely happy with the quality of his solutions.

Brian Skory

Technical Talent Manager LinkedIn Twitter

team-bpsBrian Skory began his technical career 20 years ago designing and installing local area networks for the banking industry, including Comerica, NBD, GMAC and EDS. He went on to run corporate help desks and manage a team of technical trainers and writers. Key to Brian’s success has been his consistent ability to find and hire the best talent for available positions. He now brings that skill to Stout where his current mission is to facilitate synergistic relationships resulting from well-matched candidates and clients.

Natalie Scruggs

Tech Talent Screening Manager, Accounts & Benefits Coordinator LinkedIn

team-nmsNatalie Scruggs, an AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter, ushers candidates through Stout’s pre-qualification process for staffing and direct-hire roles. In addition, Natalie handles a variety of accounting and benefits duties. Natalie has been an employee of Stout Systems since 2011.

Edward Kim

Business Analysis and Agility Practice Lead

team-ekEdward has 10 years’ experience working with clients to define business objectives and design systems to meet those objectives by leveraging traditional IT business analysis and process improvement tools—including Lean Six Sigma, UML and Domain Driven Design. He has a demonstrated ability to navigate complexity and ambiguity while maintaining a clear focus on business goals. The breadth of Edward’s function encompasses Enterprise Content Management, Time and Accounting, Data Processing and Reporting. He is a skilled communicator able to present strategy to C-Level executives and delve into details with those on the shop floor. He has deep experience in facilitating large group workshops.

Nick Staroba

Promotion and Marketing Manager LinkedIn 

team-nksNick Staroba designs, produces and delivers Stout’s promotional communications from print to the Web. With a background in art and music, and an interest in the growing omnipresence of the Internet, Nick is well-suited to his role as Promotion and Marketing Manager for Stout. Nick has been with Stout since 2009.