What Difference Will You Make to Your Industry?

Recently I submitted a candidate for a robotics position. He wasn't a clear fit given his particular skills and background, but certainly close enough for consideration. My client was of the same mind—the candidate's skills were in an analogous field, but his background was medical robotics (surgical equipment) and my client's was all-terrain robotics. So, my client made an interesting request. He asked that my candidate review their … [Read more...]

Overselling Yourself Could Come at a Cost

When it comes to preparing your resume, your 30 second "elevator speech," a LinkedIn Profile, preparing for an interview and, ultimately, pitching yourself to a prospective employer, the vast majority of topics I've covered concerned selling yourself. As I've discussed over and over, these are your opportunities to present yourself in a way that persuades a prospective employer that you are, indeed, the person they've been looking … [Read more...]

Behave Like a Genius

I had the good fortune of hearing the CEO of one of the most successful biotech firms in the country give a presentation on the subject of genius. We're used to believing that genius is something you are born with, but his point was that any person can behave, and therefore succeed, as a genius. He was himself a living example—no college degree, no well-connected family, and yet the founder of several successful companies and a billionaire. The … [Read more...]

Creating a Successful Phone Interview

A little common sense and planning can go a long way to facilitate phone interviews. It’s something that both the interviewer and the candidate can keep in mind to help get a great first impression. Be prepared to have the call at the scheduled time. It’s just as important to be on time for a phone interview as it is for an in-person interview. Both have arranged schedules to talk at a specific time and time is important to both. If you must … [Read more...]

The Care and Feeding of Business References

Business references are not something talked about very often, but when it comes to making a decision on a potential offer to a candidate, I’ve seen references cinch the deal and I’ve seen them kill the deal. Obviously, a set of good references can make all the difference in the world, but it isn’t just bad references that can hurt your candidacy—a lack of references can be just as damaging. So what should we be doing when it comes to the “care … [Read more...]