DICE reports 40% of the tech workforce is going to be interviewing in 2017

The DICE Tech Salary Survey was released late in March. I've been behind on my reading, so it wasn't until recently that I got a chance to dig into it. One of the most surprising data points in it was: "Overall technology salaries in the U.S. were essentially flat year-over-year (-1%), at $92,081 annually from $93,328^ in 2015, with some areas across the country and specific skills areas seeing increases." Downward pressure on tech wages? … [Read more...]

5 Areas That Attract and Retain Great Software Development Talent (from a Manager’s Perspective)

Lately, when we talk with our clients, we hear the same story. Attracting great development talent has become quite a chore. And because of that, companies have a heightened interest in making sure that they are doing the right things to retain the talent they already have. As a software development manager myself, I'm keenly aware that my developers are barraged with come-ons from companies looking for people with their skills. So like many … [Read more...]

Understanding the Silicon Valley Resume

Stout recently hired a Silicon Valley software developer. A rock star developer featured in a documentary about one of the seminal moments in the history of the Internet, he found himself struggling to find employment in the Midwest. (Lucky for us.) The reason? His resume doesn't look at all like the conventional Midwestern software developer resume. It looks like the resume of a job hopper, i.e. someone who jumps from job to job. Common … [Read more...]

Great Technical Candidates Are Out There

Remember the line "You can't handle the truth!" from A Few Good Men? I'll put it as a question: "Can you handle the truth?" and then explain. Over and over, we hear about the shortage of technical employees and candidates for new jobs, be they software developers, IT people, or engineers of all kinds. At Stout, we do lots of surveys. We like to find out what technical folks think. We asked them about "the shortage" and what to do about it. … [Read more...]

Walking in a Hiring Manager’s Shoes

One piece of feedback that we hear from candidates is that they find portions of the screening, interviewing and decision-making process to be confusing, illogical and frustrating. Questions that we hear are: Why such lengthy and complex interview processes involving some combination of 1-on-1 interviews, panel interviews, technical skills assessments, personality tests, role plays, etc.? Why do interviews sometimes include bizarre … [Read more...]