Tech Stack Modernization, Volume 2: Angular

In Tech Stack Modernization, Volume 1, I discussed why I'm evaluating new clientside frameworks, and I listed my goals and requirements. You'll note that I prefer small focused libraries over kitchen sink frameworks, which is part of the reason I like Knockout.JS so much. Because of that preference, Angular was a bit of a tough sell for me, but after struggling with framework selection I decided to hold my nose and dive in! Disclaimer: … [Read more...]

Tech Stack Modernization, Volume 1

How do you know when you need to take the considerable effort of choosing a new tech stack? There can be a number of signs: Finding new developers willing to work on your stack is getting harder. Newer stacks promise (and hopefully deliver) better performance, faster development or better user experience. Your current stack is preventing you from implementing the features or performance your users expect. You need to freshen your … [Read more...]

Creating PDFs from ASP.NET MVC Applications with Rotativa

As much as the business world has shifted toward a paperless environment, business applications still frequently need to produce paper documents. This often presents a challenge, as printing documents directly from a Web browser cedes control regarding the layout and output to the end users and their preferred browsers. PDF generation libraries are available, but they are often costly. Those costs aren’t just in terms of purchase price. The costs … [Read more...]

ASP.Net MVC Tips

Recently I consulted with a client's team that has been maintaining and expanding an ASP.Net Web Forms application. They were investigating how they could leverage MVC—and why they might want to. We had a lengthy discussion on the benefits of MVC, but it basically boils down to the fact that once you start using MVC, you likely won't want to develop in Web Forms any more. That's certainly the trend we see here at Stout. ASP.Net is popular. … [Read more...]

CoffeeScript versus TypeScript

For server-side Web development you can use a multitude of languages and frameworks, but for client-side programming JavaScript is the only language that is supported by all browsers. JavaScript development has gotten better with the advent of frameworks like jQuery, but the language itself still contains a large number of mind-bending gotchas. To combat this there are many languages that compile down to JavaScript, much the same way in which … [Read more...]