Getting Hired

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Handling Delicate Interview Questions

We've all heard the advice to be prepared for any interview question that comes your way—but let's be honest, we can't think through every question that could be asked. That said, we should at least give some thought to the questions that are likely to come our way—particularly those pesky "take you by surprise questions" that have the potential to catch you off guard. Answer it the right way and you can practically feel the … [Read more...]


Overselling Yourself Could Come at a Cost

When it comes to preparing your resume, your 30 second "elevator speech," a LinkedIn Profile, preparing for an interview and, ultimately, pitching yourself to a prospective employer, the vast majority of topics I've covered concerned selling yourself. As I've discussed over and over, these are your opportunities to present yourself in a way that persuades a prospective employer that you are, indeed, the person they've been looking … [Read more...]


If it’s on your resume, they will ask you about it.

I recently read an HR article called "How to Tell When a Candidate is Lying on His or Her Resume." I thought this title was a bit harsh. I've dealt with hundreds and hundreds of candidates—and although some have leaned toward exaggerating their skills or experiences a bit (a practice I don't recommend) I rarely felt that someone was outright lying. It did bring to mind an important point, however: "If you put it on your resume, they will … [Read more...]


Finding Hidden Job Postings

We're all familiar with going to Dice, Craigslist, Indeed, and CareerBuilder while searching for our next technical position. But many companies are not in a hurry to post their openings to these sites because when they do they are inundated with far more resumes than they can comfortably process. As such, they will often start by posting the position to a careers page on their company website. Depending on the response they get from that action, … [Read more...]


The Perfect Candidate

Sometimes while reviewing a prospective employee, a manager will zero in some of the candidate's listed skills that fall outside of the position. "Angular? Sure, I know Angular!" We might have presented someone for a Java role, but the manager notices that our candidate listed AngularJS in their skills section. "Great!" she exclaims. "We've been thinking about moving in that direction. A skilled Java developer with Angular could be just … [Read more...]