The Grass Is Green

The Grass Is Green

The tech industry is a continually shifting landscape. Some years it will be rich with opportunity. During those times candidates will have a lot to choose from. Other years, companies are tightening their belts with fewer opportunities being offered. Likewise, the candidate pool waxes and wanes, going from a lot of great candidates searching for new opportunities to virtually everyone seems to be happy in their current position and no longer looking.

So, how about those times when things are going well with your job, and entertaining a new opportunity seems about the furthest thing from your mind? Is this the time to ignore those opportunities sent your way, to say. “No thanks—I’m good,” or is there still some value in giving them a look-over?

There is always value in reviewing a job description and doing some self-reflection, even if you have no immediate plans for making a career change. Keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the job market allows you to ask some very important questions.

  • What is my value to the workplace? Am I being compensated more, less, or the same as comparable individuals at similar companies? Am I happy with my level of compensation for where I am in my career?
  • How do the technologies of my company compare with others? Am I being given the opportunity to keep my skills updated? Am I enjoying the technology stack as much as I would something different?
  • Is my work culture the best fit for me? Would I do better in an environment where the beer cart rolls around on Friday afternoon? Would I do better in an environment where the beer cart doesn’t roll around on Friday afternoon? Would my motivation be higher in a company that allows for a day or two a week of telecommuting?

I think it’s totally okay to like what you have and be aware of what you’d like even more in a job. Don’t hesitate to let us know what that “more” is, even if you’re not currently looking, so you can at least know if it exists. And, yes, now might not be the time to make that change, but I believe there is tremendous value in knowing what’s out there.

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