Business Analysis and Agility

We have deep experience in Business Analysis and leverage it to ensure that the right product is being built. We can help you wade through complexity and ambiguity to arrive at a system specification. We are skilled at making that dive deep into requirements to understand business rules, manage scope creep, and expose the unknowns early on. Despite our commitment to up front business analysis, we believe in Agile frameworks that focus on visibility and incremental delivery. Many of us are experienced and certified Scrum Masters who can help your organization manage an Agile transformation.

Here is a sampling of projects we’ve successfully completed. If you need expertise with a specific, even obscure, technology, please let us know.


Sales Data Warehouse and Reporting Project Scrum Manager

Type: Contract
Duration: 5 Months
Team Size: 4

Technical Environment
VB.NET, AJAX, Oracle, Scrum

Developed data warehouse and reporting system following Scrum methodology. The Scrum Manager worked with the product owner to establish a prioritized backlog list, generated sprint backlogs, and ran daily stand up meetings. The Scrum Manager also developed a Microsoft Access-based tool to track sprint progress and generate burn down reports.

Agile, Scrum, Backlog, Sprint, Burn Down