Web Application Development

We work in a variety of Web development stacks including ASP.NET, JEE, JavaScript frameworks and LAMP. We specialize in Web application development—with a database on the backend and some form of computation logic for engineering and scientific applications. But we also handle simpler applications for businesses and elegant, simple public-facing Web sites. We can help you from design through to release. You can also hand-off an application previously designed by your staff or a specialty design firm.

Here is a sampling of projects we’ve successfully completed. If you need expertise with a specific, even obscure, technology, please let us know.


ASP.NET Engineering Application

Type: Outsourced
Duration: 1.5 years (initial project)
Team Size: 7

Technical Environment
ASP.NET, .NET 3.5, C#, AJAX, SQL Server, .Net Charting, DynamicPDF

Client had highly technical Windows based C++ engineering application—a workhorse but not a very attractive one. Stout was engaged to completely re-write it as a Web application with a user base ranging from the novice to the R and D scientist.

Stout provided the initial human factors/usability team to analyze the expected user base and provide the initial design concepts and wireframes. From there, a design phase was conducted to provide a prototype application for user review and management buy-in. Concurrently, the technical design and architecture were performed.

During the first implementation phase, Stout converted the calculating engine of the legacy application into a freestanding DLL in a C# wrapper. The calculating engine can be called by any source. A test engine was written to compare tens of thousands of calculated configurations between the legacy engine and the new engine, thus verifying the accuracy of the new engine.

During the second implementation phase, the presentation layer, the middle tier and the database were implemented, along with an administrative Web application for the performance of maintenance and update functions. The presentation layer required extensive use of AJAX to provide the feel of the desktop application we were replacing. The AJAX work included numerous custom AJAX controls. The application’s scientific charts and graphs were recreated. A highly customizable and professional output report in PDF format was created.

In a later development effort, a desktop version of the application was created for use by employees in international offices where Internet connectivity is slow or intermittent. The application used much o the same codebase as the Web application, but added a slick user interface using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The new user interface mirrored the styling and functionality of the Web application. A key requirement for acceptance of this application was that it enforced the same security model and user restrictions as the Web version. This presented a special challenge in the offline model where the user has a copy of the database locally.

.NET 3.5, ASP.NET, C#, WPF, AJAX, Human Factors/Usability, .NET Charting, DynamicPDF, SQL Server, Legacy application


Association Membership Web Site

Type: Outsourced
Duration: 2002-Present
Team Size: 2-4

Technical Environment
1200+ pages, mixed ASP and ASP.NET, SQL Server and MS Access, some stand-alone Windows Forms components.

Stout provides outsourced Web development services, complementing the work of client’s in-house Web and database development teams.

Recent ASP.NET work includes publication searching and purchase, continuing education support, online membership renewal, and enhancing and updating the client’s convention registration process. Stand-alone components include a self-service registration kiosk and a complementary registrar system for use at conventions.

Microsoft’s C# and .NET technologies, such as ASP.NET, LINQ, Windows Forms, WPF and Web services are used to implement Web applications involving complex database functionality and structure, payment validation, point-of-sale customer interaction, and interfacing to existing legacy technologies.

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MS Access, LINQ, Windows Forms, WPF, Web Services, Payflow Pro, DAL, Google Analytics