I/T Sanity Check



Top technical managers are engaged in an on-going process of analyzing risk in software development. They constantly ask themselves, What would happen if…?

There are key questions—key problem areas—that are relevant to many technical endeavors: software or Web development, product engineering and the like. In fact, if any aspect of your business relies on custom systems, you might worry about these, too.

So the question is: are you at risk?

Well, do you or your company develop, use, support or provide proprietary software applications, Web sites or databases?

Do you have customers, internal or external, that use or depend on these services?

If the answer is yes, it would be beneficial to know the primary problem areas that deserve attention. And then to know what questions to ask about them. And further, to have an idea of the best practices in each.

That, in a nutshell, is the focus of this publication.

There may be other topics that are unique to specific fields. This list is a consensus from a broad range of professionals and their endeavors.

If you seek a panacea, then be aware that handing out answers or making a pitch for a particular solution isn’t the purpose here. Instead, the intention is guidance toward asking the right questions, which then makes it possible to find the right answers.

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