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Identifying With Your Interviewer

Have you ever noticed that we tend to like people whom we have things in common with? A new coworker is often met with indifference until you realize that they read the same technical blogs as you, follow the same sports team as you, or enjoys espresso to the degree that you do—and suddenly you are best friends! The same principle applies to hiring—when a hiring manager finds that he has something in common with a prospective … [Read more...]


ASP.Net MVC Tips

Recently I consulted with a client's team that has been maintaining and expanding an ASP.Net Web Forms application. They were investigating how they could leverage MVC—and why they might want to. We had a lengthy discussion on the benefits of MVC, but it basically boils down to the fact that once you start using MVC, you likely won't want to develop in Web Forms any more. That's certainly the trend we see here at Stout. ASP.Net is popular. … [Read more...]


Behave Like a Genius

I had the good fortune of hearing the CEO of one of the most successful biotech firms in the country give a presentation on the subject of genius. We're used to believing that genius is something you are born with, but his point was that any person can behave, and therefore succeed, as a genius. He was himself a living example—no college degree, no well-connected family, and yet the founder of several successful companies and a billionaire. The … [Read more...]


Panning for Gold

There are, of course, some standard areas that should be covered by your resume—a chronological employment history, your education, a matrix of your technical skills, a statement of the type of role you are seeking. Above and beyond those items, these are the things that you will want to ensure get highlighted when it comes to periodically updating your resume. Certifications and Classes: Both of these look good because they show that … [Read more...]


Stout Featured in Pure Michigan Talent Connect Success Story Video

At Stout , a large portion of the value that we deliver to clients is driven by our uniquely effective strategies for finding and recruiting top technical talent for their software development teams. One of the many tools that we utilize for recruiting exceptional talent is the Michigan Virtual Career Fairs . As a result of our success in utilizing the Virtual Career Fairs to connect with extraordinary Michigan talent, Stout has been featured in … [Read more...]