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Stout Featured in Pure Michigan Talent Connect Success Story Video

At Stout , a large portion of the value that we deliver to clients is driven by our uniquely effective strategies for finding and recruiting top technical talent for their software development teams. One of the many tools that we utilize for recruiting exceptional talent is the Michigan Virtual Career Fairs . As a result of our success in utilizing the Virtual Career Fairs to connect with extraordinary Michigan talent, Stout has been featured in … [Read more...]


Stout Systems Wins Corp! Magazine 2015 DiSciTech Award for Systems Innovation

Ann Arbor, Mich., February 9, 2015 — Stout Systems today announced that Corp! Magazine has awarded them a prestigious 2015 DiSciTech Award in the Science and Technology category for its innovative and cost effective project management system. The DiSciTech awards are presented to Michigan companies and educational organizations that are leading the way in science, technology and digital initiatives through innovation, research and applied … [Read more...]


Creating a Successful Phone Interview

A little common sense and planning can go a long way to facilitate phone interviews. It’s something that both the interviewer and the candidate can keep in mind to help get a great first impression. Be prepared to have the call at the scheduled time. It’s just as important to be on time for a phone interview as it is for an in-person interview. Both have arranged schedules to talk at a specific time and time is important to both. If you must … [Read more...]


Understanding the Silicon Valley Resume

Stout recently hired a Silicon Valley software developer. A rock star developer featured in a documentary about one of the seminal moments in the history of the Internet, he found himself struggling to find employment in the Midwest. (Lucky for us.) The reason? His resume doesn't look at all like the conventional Midwestern software developer resume. It looks like the resume of a job hopper, i.e. someone who jumps from job to job. Common … [Read more...]


CodeMash v2.0.1.5 Wrap-up

The Stout recruiting team and technical leadership recently returned from their annual pilgrimage to CodeMash, one of the premier educational conferences for software developers in the world. Held every January at the Kalahari Resort and Indoor Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio, CodeMash is a world-class event that’s designed to educate software professionals on emerging technologies, best practices and methodologies, in an environment that is truly … [Read more...]