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The Importance of Community Involvement

Whether you’re looking for a way to grow your knowledge, your career, or your business, or to simply grow your circle of trusted friends and advisors, there is no substitute for getting involved in your local community with people who share similar values and desires. There are many different ways that one can “get involved.” In our experience, one of the most rewarding approaches is by participating in local User Groups and Meetup … [Read more...]


Battling the Brogrammer Culture

It's been all over the news lately. The number of women in Computer Science is pathetic—and worsening. Here's a simple measure: fewer than 20% of the Computer Science degrees issued in 2010-2011 went to women. That's down from the 35% range in the 1980's. Given the overall shortage of computing professionals, attracting and retaining women in Computer Science seems nothing short of mission critical. The fact is that Computer Science … [Read more...]


How to Avoid Looking Like a Job Hopper

With an industry as dynamic and fluid as Information Technology, there will certainly be a degree of forgiveness when a resume shows a position or two lasting a couple of years or less. But unless properly positioned, a resume filled with short-term roles will give the impression that you are a job hopper—and it is not uncommon for a hiring manager to decline a resume for that one reason alone. Following are three sure-fire methods to … [Read more...]


Two Minutes of Interview Advice

Recently, my wife was getting ready to leave for the airport to fly out for a job interview. As I was carrying her luggage out to the car, I offered up all the best advice I could offer in the two minutes or less that I had available to me. Here's what I had to say. Make sure your shoes are polished. I thought out loud as I looked down at my beat-up gardening boots over on the door mat. In my wife's case, however, there was no need to speak of … [Read more...]