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Software Testing for the Uninitiated

A highly skilled tester is a blessing for any project. But not every project has the depth, complexity or—let's face it—budget to accommodate a dedicated tester. That's why Business Analysts, Technical Writers, and Software Development Managers also find themselves saddled with the additional task of validating and testing software. There is a difference in mindset between validating and testing. When you validate, you go down … [Read more...]


The Perfect Candidate

Sometimes while reviewing a prospective employee, a manager will zero in some of the candidate's listed skills that fall outside of the position. "Angular? Sure, I know Angular!" We might have presented someone for a Java role, but the manager notices that our candidate listed AngularJS in their skills section. "Great!" she exclaims. "We've been thinking about moving in that direction. A skilled Java developer with Angular could be just … [Read more...]


Revision Control Systems

There's nothing sexy about source control, but it—and the skills to use it—are essential to software development. Long gone are the days where it's appropriate to simply use a network share that probably gets backed up—or worse, nothing at all—to manage source code. Source control provides these benefits: Knowledge.Find out when something broke or when it changed. Accountability.See who was … [Read more...]


Making Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You

More and more employers are looking up candidates on LinkedIn as a standard part of their resume review, so it pays to keep your LinkedIn profile in good shape. Talent scouts are also relying on LinkedIn more to identify potential candidates, so there are some specific actions you'll want to take to make your profile work for you. Load your profile with skills keywords. When a talent scout is searching for prospective candidates on … [Read more...]


The Accidental or Reluctant Software Development Manager – Seminar 1 Feedback

On Wednesday July 15, 2015, Stout held its first in a series of seminars for “The Accidental or Reluctant Software Development Manager” to a full house at VisTaTech Center in Livonia, MI. These seminars are for anyone who has been thrust into the role of managing a software development team, often against their wishes and with no formal training in the unique challenges of that role. The seminar was a big success and we appreciate the great … [Read more...]