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If it’s on your resume, they will ask you about it.

I recently read an HR article called "How to Tell When a Candidate is Lying on His or Her Resume." I thought this title was a bit harsh. I've dealt with hundreds and hundreds of candidates—and although some have leaned toward exaggerating their skills or experiences a bit (a practice I don't recommend) I rarely felt that someone was outright lying. It did bring to mind an important point, however: "If you put it on your resume, they will … [Read more...]


Workshops Deliver Significant Value to Software Development Managers

On Wednesday, September 30, Stout Systems presented the third in a series of workshops designed for the “Accidental or Reluctant Software Development Manager”—someone who has been thrust into the role of managing a development team due to their domain expertise and/or technical acumen, but often against their wishes and with no formal training in the unique challenges of that role. This workshop was focused on the topic of “Accurately Estimating … [Read more...]


Finding Hidden Job Postings

We're all familiar with going to Dice, Craigslist, Indeed, and CareerBuilder while searching for our next technical position. But many companies are not in a hurry to post their openings to these sites because when they do they are inundated with far more resumes than they can comfortably process. As such, they will often start by posting the position to a careers page on their company website. Depending on the response they get from that action, … [Read more...]


Tips for Finding (and Landing) Your Next Technical Career Opportunity

Do you know how to find attractive opportunities, before they are widely known to others? Is your resume updated? Does your resume resonate with today's hiring managers? Does your resume set you apart from the crowd? Is your "interview readiness" good enough to seize unexpected opportunities quickly? Does your social media presence help you or hinder you? Stout and Girl Develop It invite you to an educational … [Read more...]


Coding Exercises for Technical Candidates

Here at Stout we screen a lot of technical candidates. Our first step is to filter the resumes. (We have little need for glass window installers despite the fact that they match the keywords "windows" and "installation!") Then we conduct a technical interview to assess a candidate's skill level. For candidates who will be contracting with us directly we like the extra step of doing a coding exercise. Why not just request a code sample? We … [Read more...]