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Interview Rehearsals

If you think about it, an interview really is a performance of sorts. You're on center stage with the spotlight shining down on you, and everyone else in that room is the audience—watching the show and ready to critique your performance as soon as the curtain comes down. But just as you wouldn't show up on opening night without having attended the rehearsals, nor should you show up for your interview without having engaged in some degree of … [Read more...]


In Search of the Resume That Got the Interview

When looking for a new job, your resume is your "calling card." It is usually the first thing that a hiring manager sees, and their decision to contact you will likely be based on the quality of that resume. Recently, I read about an innovative approach to increasing the odds of your resume getting traction. Yes, a nice layout and using action verbs goes a long way, but it's the content that will ultimately convince the hiring manager. That is, … [Read more...]


Agile – Episode I

This is the first part of a multi-part series on Agile in which we’ll describe: What is Agile and why does is matter for your organization? How does an application development team adopt Agile to deliver better software faster? Who are Business Analysts and what they can do to unlock an Agile team’s full potential? To begin, consider this premise: enterprise software development is not fun. Traditional software development methods in … [Read more...]


The Rock Star UX Designer

When you hear the term "rock star developer," I'm sure it brings something specific to mind. Maybe the term conjures up the developer who can look at a technical issue that has thwarted absolutely everyone else, spend twenty minutes, write the twenty most elegant lines of code in the world and then take the rest of the day off. Maybe you think of the developer whose throughput is ten times that of the best developers you have. And your … [Read more...]


Identifying With Your Interviewer

Have you ever noticed that we tend to like people whom we have things in common with? A new coworker is often met with indifference until you realize that they read the same technical blogs as you, follow the same sports team as you, or enjoys espresso to the degree that you do—and suddenly you are best friends! The same principle applies to hiring—when a hiring manager finds that he has something in common with a prospective … [Read more...]