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How to Avoid Looking Like a Job Hopper

With an industry as dynamic and fluid as Information Technology, there will certainly be a degree of forgiveness when a resume shows a position or two lasting a couple of years or less. But unless properly positioned, a resume filled with short-term roles will give the impression that you are a job hopper—and it is not uncommon for a hiring manager to decline a resume for that one reason alone. Following are three sure-fire methods to … [Read more...]


Two Minutes of Interview Advice

Recently, my wife was getting ready to leave for the airport to fly out for a job interview. As I was carrying her luggage out to the car, I offered up all the best advice I could offer in the two minutes or less that I had available to me. Here's what I had to say. Make sure your shoes are polished. I thought out loud as I looked down at my beat-up gardening boots over on the door mat. In my wife's case, however, there was no need to speak of … [Read more...]


Blueprint For a Failed Project

There are a myriad of ways that a software development project can fail. Before we talk about some ways, let's define failure. The most common is a project that comes in late and over budget. This is certainly bad and to be avoided, but far worse are the projects that never complete or complete but never get used. As a developer there's nothing sadder than writing an application that doesn't get used! Let's look at some of the ways that … [Read more...]


The Reluctant or Accidental Software Development Manager

Once upon a time, hardware was hardware, software was software and business was business. In those days, cross-functional fraternization was frowned upon in most organizations. About the most one could do was write a memo—and then throw it over the wall and hope that something positive would happen. Those were days in which computing power was extremely expensive, relegating it to very specific and tactical use. Yes to computerizing in … [Read more...]


A Different Approach to Cover Letters

What a Hiring Manager Should See In the technical staffing side of our business, when we submit a candidate to a company we forward over at least two pieces of information: 1) a resume, and 2) a paragraph or two of notes highlighting how this candidate is a great fit for the position (in essence, a "cover letter"). This information will either get sent directly to the hiring manager or it will be sent to someone in HR who will review and then … [Read more...]