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Make Your Resume Stand Out with a Little Color

When digging for gold, sifting through resumes can often be a high-volume proposition for hiring managers. After hours of reviewing job histories and skills matrixes, resumes can sometimes begin to blur together. Yes, there will be the handful of stand-out resumes due to superlative skills and experiences, but how about giving yourself an added advantage that makes your resume stand out even in that short stack? Here's an example I ran across … [Read more...]

Tech Stack Modernization

Tech Stack Modernization, Volume 1

How do you know when you need to take the considerable effort of choosing a new tech stack? There can be a number of signs: Finding new developers willing to work on your stack is getting harder. Newer stacks promise (and hopefully deliver) better performance, faster development or better user experience. You current stack is preventing you from implementing the features or performance your users expect. You need to freshen your … [Read more...]

The Grass Is Green

The Grass Is Green

The tech industry is a continually shifting landscape. Some years it will be rich with opportunity. During those times candidates will have a lot to choose from. Other years, companies are tightening their belts with fewer opportunities being offered. Likewise, the candidate pool waxes and wanes, going from a lot of great candidates searching for new opportunities to virtually everyone seems to be happy in their current position and no longer … [Read more...]


DICE reports 40% of the tech workforce is going to be interviewing in 2017

The DICE Tech Salary Survey was released late in March. I've been behind on my reading, so it wasn't until recently that I got a chance to dig into it. One of the most surprising data points in it was: "Overall technology salaries in the U.S. were essentially flat year-over-year (-1%), at $92,081 annually from $93,328^ in 2015, with some areas across the country and specific skills areas seeing increases." Downward pressure on tech wages? … [Read more...]


What Difference Will You Make to Your Industry?

Recently I submitted a candidate for a robotics position. He wasn't a clear fit given his particular skills and background, but certainly close enough for consideration. My client was of the same mind—the candidate's skills were in an analogous field, but his background was medical robotics (surgical equipment) and my client's was all-terrain robotics. So, my client made an interesting request. He asked that my candidate review their … [Read more...]