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The Time is Now

When looking for a new position, your resume is quite often your very first opportunity to sell yourself to a recruiter or a prospective employer. But most people don't update their resume until the very moment that it's needed. For instance, you've lost your job and need to quickly find a new one. Or you are stably employed, but a job that you are very interested in has just presented itself. In either case, the situation needs to be acted on … [Read more...]


How to Salvage a (Nearly) Hopeless Software Project

Like a carpenter called in to salvage a home repair gone wrong, developers who’ve been around the block are used to seeing a handful of the same problems. The code gets creaky; bug reports file at an ever-increasing clip; the time spent maintaining the project surpasses any ability to add features to it. At a certain point, the question arises: Can you rehab the code, or should you scrap it and rebuild from the ground up? Read the full … [Read more...]


Are you really a good fit?

Possibly the most important question you could be asking yourself as you prepare for an interview is, “What makes me a really good fit for this role?” A hiring manager will almost always make a hiring decision based on the gut feeling that the interviewee is a really good fit for their role. So, shouldn’t you be prepared to demonstrate to them that you are that candidate? A “good fit” is generally based on three things: skill, culture, and being … [Read more...]


Prototyping for Success

In software development there are always unknowns. Will this library work? How fast will this be? How long will this take to implement? One technique that can help address these questions is prototyping. There are many different types and levels of prototyping, going all the way up to elaborate models that are almost like the finished product. There is even a development style called evolutionary prototyping in which a prototype is refined … [Read more...]