The Hiring Process

At Stout, we make connections for opportunity-seekers. Stout has a time-saving, proven system for putting the right candidates in front of the right hiring managers.

We help our candidates find direct hire and short- and long-term contract opportunities. There are no fees to candidates for our placement services.

When it comes to job opportunities, speed counts. The faster you work with us to complete our process, the faster we can take action regarding opportunities.


Submit Your Resume to Stout

Every resume sent to us is reviewed within two business days. If we find you are a good match for an open position or contract, we will invite you to begin our screening process. This occurs via an e-mail invitation to complete your confidential online profile.


Complete Your Stout Profile

Our first step in learning more about you is to have you complete a confidential profile. You will receive a link to your unique profile page in an email. It usually takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete and will collect both information already on your resume as well as additional information typically not included on a resume (such as salary expectations, ability to travel and more details regarding your skills). This profile is for our internal use only.


Technical Interview

If your skills and background match a current job opening, we will conduct a technical interview. This technical interview consists of a series of questions on one or two technical topics. The technical interview is normally conducted over the phone, running about ten to fifteen minutes.



Upon completion of our internal interviews, we request that you send us the names and contact information for your references. Normally, we don’t contact your references until quite late in the interview process with our clients. In any case, we don’t contact references until after you have given us the go-ahead to do so.


Resume Submissions and Interviews

If you are a good match for a position, we will call you to discuss it in detail. This is the point at which we will share all client details with you so that you can decide if you are interested in having your resume submitted. It is our policy not to submit your resume to a company without your permission. Please note that we normally cannot submit your resume to a company if you have already submitted it to that company recently.

If the company expresses an interest, Stout Systems will set up your interview in accordance with that company’s standard interview procedures. Even if the company’s process involves more than one interview, we will be with you every step of the way until you receive and accept an offer letter or are put under contract.

Our customers expect two things: 1) that if you make it to the interview stage you are available to start work in the near future, and 2) you are able to make a quick decision about a job offer.