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Fueled by the Most Powerful Technology Available: Human Intelligence.®

Artificial intelligence is awesome. Sometimes. But there are things that are best solved through the use of human intelligence. Which Stout Systems harnesses in abundance. Consider a few things that human intelligence is uniquely qualified to do.
Build Relationships

Build Relationships

There are some software engineers out there who just want to be told what to do. In that respect, they’re not that different from AI. Stout Systems’ engineers are not cast from that mold. At all. When customers bring problems to us, we spend time understanding both the problems and the people who need them solved. In fact, it’s built right into our software development method. We aren’t aware of anyone wanting to build a relationship with AI—or go out to lunch with it to chat. Good software development starts with good relationships.
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Think Beyond Binary

An AI is fundamentally constrained to the zeros and ones of digital data. An AI can certainly find every resume with the word “Java” on it faster than a human can. But from there, when it comes to making a match between the right candidate and the right role, it takes human intelligence to connect the dots. Whether in our home town of Ann Arbor, in the greater Oakland-Wayne-Washtenaw county area, or in cities around the country where talent is hard to find, Stout Systems can find candidates to fill roles where others cannot—because we can think beyond binary. 
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Think Beyond Binary
Take Pride

Take Pride

When was the last time you heard an AI say, hot damn, I’m really proud of the good job I did on that? Never, right? But Stout Systems’ team takes pride in everything they do. From writing elegant code that elegantly solves real world problems to finding a perfect match between a talented candidate and an awesome company. Check out our team and see what they have to say about how much pride they take in their work.
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Adapt to new challenges

The world is not standing still. Just as soon as an AI is programmed, the world in which it operates has moved on. Human intelligence is aware of the environment around it. It can adapt to change and new challenges—without being reprogrammed. Stout Systems’ team provides unique insights into technology, business, hiring and the intersection of all three. AI can find answers hidden in vast treasure troves of data. But can it tell you what to do about them?
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Adapt to New Challenges
Break Rules

Break Rules

Stout Systems was founded in the 1990s in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a bit of a maverick. He made the mistake of trying to tell people, hey, we don’t have to do things the same way we’ve been doing them…for decades…getting the same results. Trying to break rules in a moribund corporate culture was not a successful strategy for staying employed. So why not form a new company? After all, when you’re your own boss, nobody can fire you. Stout Systems was founded by a rule breaker. Try getting AI to break rules.
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Make magic happen

If you have been on a job hunt recently, you know that a highly qualified candidate is often rejected for a role. Why? Because the AI on the intake side didn’t find a specific word or phrase on a resume or in an application. Stout Systems uses human intelligence liberally when it comes to finding the right role for the right candidate. It looks like magic. It’s not. It’s just old-fashioned hard work and getting to know our customers and our candidates. Nonetheless, we tell people, This is where the magic happens.™ Because every team needs a slogan.
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Make Magic Happen
Listen Between the Lines

Listen Between the Lines

Human intelligence can make leaps of faith. Can connect the dots. Can read between the lines. And our team is particularly good at listening between the lines. With over twenty years of experience, we hear things that our customers and candidates don’t even realize they are telling us. But don’t take our word on it. Let our customers and candidates tell you in their own words. AI can listen, but it can’t listen between the lines.
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Stout Systems is the software consulting and staffing company Fueled by the Most Powerful Technology Available: Human Intelligence. Stout was founded in 1993 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Stout has clients across the U.S. in domains including engineering, scientific, manufacturing, education, marketing, entertainment, small business and, yes, robotics. Stout provides expert level custom software development, technical staffing services and direct-hire technical recruiting services.
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