Improving Java Software Builds with Maven - Part 1

Maven provides a comprehensive approach to managing software projects. From compilation, to distribution, to documentation, to team collaboration...

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Will IT Lead the Comeback?

It has never been my habit to dwell on economic news. Frankly, I never considered that I could rely much on standard news reporting anyway...

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The Business Reference

When dealing directly with a prospective employer, you can feel comfortable giving out your business reference information...

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Using Your LinkedIn Profile To Help Land a Job

More and more, hiring managers are routinely using LinkedIn to look up individuals in an attempt to drill a bit deeper on a candidate being reviewed for a position...

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PMP Certification—Still Relevant?

Most of us are familiar with the Project Management Certification (PMP) offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). But how did this...

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Twitter and Spam

My own exploration of the micro blogging service is partly to blame. In my naivete of thinking the “higher the number...

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Linux for Kids

I know that many of you developers out there have school-aged children. And as developers, more than likely you have spare computers lying around as well...

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