Software Architecture: How Much Is Too Much?

One aspect of my job as Stout's Chief Technologist—and one that I really enjoy—is reviewing code bases. I get to do this somewhat regularly; evaluating code for reusability, providing basic […]

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Overselling Yourself Could Come at a Cost

We pitch ourselves to prospective employers in a number of ways. There’s our resume, our 30-second “elevator speech,” our LinkedIn profile (and other professional social media profiles), and then there’s […]

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Tech Workforce & Hiring Trends - June 2022

This is Stout's monthly curated digest of hiring and employment news. Sign up to receive it each month in your email inbox.  SIGN UP Thousands of UK workers are starting […]

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Document Like You Code

Documentation types A well-run organization that develops software, hardware, or services, requires a large amount of documentation to ensure the products and services meet their objectives and timelines of the […]

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