“Stout got me an AWESOME job.”


Not Your Ordinary Recruiter

We have a time-saving, proven system for putting the right candidates in front of the right hiring managers. We help our candidates find direct hire and short- and long-term contract opportunities. There are no fees to candidates for our placement services. The way we measure success at Stout is by the quality of relationships we make between our clients and candidates. If you're ready to start, you can upload your resume or visit our job board. If you're not sure, keep reading.

Making Magic

What makes Stout different from other recruitment agencies? For one thing, we were founded by a programmer and are active software developers. So we understand technology. We have a small team that works one-on-one with our candidates. We ensure open communication to each individual, whether or not they are qualified for a job. In short, we can make magic happen.

When it comes to job opportunities, speed counts. The faster you work with us to complete our process, the faster we can take action regarding opportunities.

Our customers expect one thing from us: that any candidate we present will be thoroughly vetted. That's why Stout resumes rise to the top of the stack. Our customers expect two things from our candidates: 1) that if they make it to the interview stage they are available to start work in the near future, and 2) they are able to make a quick decision about a job offer.

Submit Your Resume

We will review every resume within 2 business days. If you are a good match for an open position or contract, we will invite you via email to begin our screening process.

Complete Your Stout Profile

You will receive a link to your confidential profile page in an email. It takes 15-20 minutes to complete and will collect both information already on your resume as well as additional information typically not included on a resume (such as salary expectations, ability to travel and more details regarding your skills). This profile is for our internal use only.

Technical Interview

If your skills and background match a current job opening, we will conduct a technical interview. This technical interview consists of a series of questions on 1-2 technical topics. The technical interview is normally conducted over the phone, running about 15-30 minutes.


Upon completion of our internal interviews, we request that you send us the names and contact information for your references. Normally, we don’t contact your references until later in the interview process with our clients. In any case, we don’t contact references until you have given us the go-ahead to do so.

Resume Submissions

If you are a good match for a position, we will call you to discuss it in detail. This is the point at which we will share all client details with you so that you can decide if you are interested in having your resume submitted. It is our policy not to submit your resume to a company without your permission. Please note that we cannot submit your resume to a company if you have already submitted it to that company recently.


If the company expresses an interest, we will set up your interview in accordance with that company’s standard interview procedures. Even if the company’s process involves more than one interview, we will be with you every step of the way until you receive and accept an offer letter or are put under contract.

Let our candidates tell you themselves.

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average salary by placement

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Placements by Category

Employment at Stout

Stout is a privately owned company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan that provides superior computer industry consulting and staffing services. Since incorporating in 1997, we have had a history of growth, even through economic and industry fluctuations. Our staff includes advanced software developers and architects, hardware and systems engineers, and project managers. Due to the diverse nature of the industries we service, Stout always has a wide variety of interesting projects that are frequently on the technological cutting edge. We are always looking for exceptional software and hardware engineers to help us expand our team, and to fill positions with our customers as well.

Stout offers competitive and flexible compensation options, a full benefit package including Health, Dental, Vision and Life insurance, and other benefits.

Stout is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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