Be Impactful In Your Interview

by Brian Skory

Over the years, Stout Systems has received client feedback from hundreds of interviews. A hire is obviously in our best interest as well as the candidate's, so we've paid very close attention to what helps and what hurts in an interview. Following are what we have found to be some of the top "Do's" that both impress and influence clients to hire.

Do show up on time (if you do not know for sure how long it will take to get there, better to be early and sit in your car for 15 minutes).

go to the client's website and familiarize yourself with their company and business.

come with questions to show that you have prepared for the interview.

Do be prepared to state how your skills and experience will contribute to the goals of the company (note: employers like to save money, make money, reduce waste and increase efficiency, just to name a few).

turn off your cell phone during the interview (or at least have it on vibrate).

re-familiarize yourself with your resume and be prepared to answer questions about it.

Do be prepared to explain large gaps between employment dates.

Do be respectful and non-critical of past employers and coworkers.

Do be prepared to explain terminations in a manner that is not critical of past employers or coworkers.

Do remember to speak slowly and clearly, especially if you tend to speak quicker when you are nervous.

Do bring a pen and portfolio to take notes.

Do bring additional copies of your resume for the interview.

More times than not the interview process comes down to a choice between two candidates. And more times than not, that choice is made based on a candidate's adherence to (or violation of) one or more of the points above. Pay close attention to these points and have the odds be in your favor.

As always, we're interested in hearing how your job search is going. Feel free to contact us.
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