Do You Hate Microsoft Project?

I have to admit that I used to love Microsoft Project. And I have two project managers on my staff who still love it (or at least like it). They […]

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Rising Above the Sea of Candidates

When it comes to candidates, we’ve all heard that it’s a buyer’s market out there for hiring managers. Many managers are receiving...

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The End of Scrum?

I’ve always been confused by the artistic movement known as post-modernism. “If modernity is the state of things at their latest,” I would think “how could anything be post-modern? Is that like being post-today?”

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Are Things Looking Up For IT?

A couple of weeks ago I sent out emails to a number of candidates we haven't chatted with for a while...

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Social Media Garage Sale?

That’s right folks, I had a social media garage sale last weekend. No, I didn’t sell off my Twitter account...

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How to Avoid Hiring a Cheat

Here’s a cautionary tale I thought might be interesting since there is a higher level of competition for jobs right now...

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Your Resume Is Not a Novel

Something I am hearing more and more from hiring managers is complaints about the length of candidates' resumes. As a matter of course...

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Everyday Usability

Who has the time to spend a week learning how to use something they just paid $X,XXX for?! I don't...

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Developing iPhone Apps: What You Need to Know

At the MacWorld Expo in January 2008, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a greatly anticipated event: at last Apple was going to allow...

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Social Media in Your Business

The Internet has become the center of the buying process for many products and services. In today’s business conditions...

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