CodeMash v. Another Success

For the third straight year we sponsored the CodeMash conference...

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Industry Forecast: Cloudy

It is very likely that you have at least heard mention of the cloud or cloud computing. Although it sounds mysterious...

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Operator Overloading in C#

Going back as far as the punched card, computer scientists have concerned themselves with the mathematical nature of their work...

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Re-tool Your Career

There's not much that creates greater peace of mind than job security, whether it's keeping your existing job or securing that next opportunity...

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Stout and The Association for Women In Computing

Stout is proud to continue its support of the Association for Women in Computing as a Gold Sponsor for 2009.

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CodeMash v2.0.0.9 Ushers in a New Year for Developers

If you haven’t been to, or never heard of CodeMash, here’s the scoop: CodeMash is a software developer’s conference with sessions covering...

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Spotlight on Scrum

You've probably heard of Scrum, the modern project management methodology that is gaining in popularity because of its effectiveness in speeding up and improving quality in software projects.

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Olympics for Software Development?

When I meet new prospective customers, I'm frequently asked what distinguishes or differentiates my company from all of the other software development consulting and tech staffing companies out there...

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Know Who Is Checking Out Your Social Networking Sites surveyed 3,100 employers to find out how many of them look up prospective employees on social networking sites...

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Recession-Proof Your Resume

Yes, employers will still emphasize your technical skills as a top priority, but it's often...

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