The Value of User Groups

I would like to focus on something I have mentioned previously—the value of attending local user groups...

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Who Is Reading That Resume You Submitted?

Whenever Stout Systems' Ursula Kellman goes on vacation, I inherit my old job of processing all the resumes that come in. Thank goodness she's back, because after two weeks of it, I've had my fill...

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Save Time with Toggl, Literally

When you are a contract worker or someone with more than one job, the topic of how to keep track of billable hours will always come up...

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I’m a Mac. I’m a PC. Actually, I’m both.

A few months ago, a friend (Microsoft employee, no less) divulged a dirty little secret. He runs Vista on a Mac...

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Streamline Your Browsing with IE8's Accelerators

There’s a new version of Internet Explorer just over the horizon and with this advance comes new toys...

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Cover Letters That Work

I have found that many technical people do not know how to effectively write a cover letter to accompany a resume submission. A cover letter is your opportunity to positively stand out from the other candidates by...

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Detroit Entrepreneurship: Stout and TechTown on Crain's Video

TechTown Executive Director Randal Charlton and I were recently interviewed by Crain's Detroit Business...

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So You Want to be a Consultant?

For a number of years I have been giving a talk titled So You Want to be a Consultant? Most recently, I had the pleasure of giving that talk...

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Be Impactful In Your Interview

Over the years, Stout Systems has received client feedback from hundreds of interviews. A hire is obviously in our best interest as well as the candidate's, so...

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Social Media Marketing at TechTown

Stout's own Alan Robbins gave a public presentation on Social Media Marketing to a packed house at last week's First Friday event at TechTown in Detroit...

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