Olympics for Software Development?

When I meet new prospective customers, I'm frequently asked what distinguishes or differentiates my company from all of the other software development consulting and tech staffing companies out there...

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Know Who Is Checking Out Your Social Networking Sites surveyed 3,100 employers to find out how many of them look up prospective employees on social networking sites...

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Recession-Proof Your Resume

Yes, employers will still emphasize your technical skills as a top priority, but it's often...

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Keep Your Resume Current with Regular Updating

You've just gone through a layoff, or are simply looking for that next adventure. Wouldn't it be nice, when you shift into job-search mode...

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Introduction to Getting Hired

Right now, from an employer's perspective it's a buyer's market for technical talent....

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Usability and User Centered Design

Usability relates to the most important part of nearly any commercial or Web application: the user interface. The user interface is...

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Silverlight Goes for the Gold

Although Silverlight hit the scene in April 2007, for many people their first exposure to Silverlight has been from...

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