Candidate 12218 Technical Leader in Software Development or Sales Engineering

I would enjoy an opportunity with a focused role in a dynamic and growing business. My experience would be very valuable to a company looking for technical leadership experience in the software industry. I love solving problems, building solutions, and refining processes and procedures that focus on meeting security obligations and making customers happy. I am highly skilled in RDBMS, SaaS, sales engineering and leading customer support teams. Ideally this position would be in Oakland County, MI with a salary above $140,000.

Will consider direct-hire or contract opportunities.


  • Associates Degree: Associate Degree in Applied Science; Major Technological Sciences

Interest areas

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Confluence
  • GIT
  • Jira
  • Middle Management - Software Development Manager, IT Manager, etc.
  • Office 365
  • Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Salesforce
  • Senior Management - CEO, CIO, CTO, VP, Director, etc.
  • SOC 2 Compliance
  • Software Sales Engineer
  • VMware


  • Customer Support
  • Sales
  • Technical Leadership

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