Candidate 2258 Senior Manager, IT Services

(This candidate is not actively looking but would consider an opportunity that meets the following criteria.)

There are several different roles I would enjoy. I am well qualified for a Senior Leadership level role (Director/VP) in a Development or DevOps organization. I would also enjoy a Senior Leadership role in Web Development, support for Web applications, support for SaaS applications in the Microsoft technology stack. My goal is to use my broad range of technical and management experiences in project management, product management, technical design, software solution delivery, and support to help an organization mature its people and processes.

Will consider direct-hire or contract opportunities.


  • Masters Degree: Technical & Scientific Communication
  • Bachelors Degree: B.S. English Literature w/ Physics minor

Interest areas

  • Middle Management - Software Development Manager, IT Manager, etc.
  • Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Senior Management - CEO, CIO, CTO, VP, Director, etc.


  • Agile Development
  • DevOps
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Technical Leadership

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