Candidate 355 Software and Sensor Developer

(This candidate is not actively looking but would consider an opportunity that meets the following criteria.)

Acknowledged expert in realtime systems, sensor based systems, and massively parallel computation with GPUs. Highly skilled in the areas of algorithm development and machine learning/AI. I get stupid computers to act intelligently when faced with massive amounts of noisy, imprecise and contradictory data. I will consider part-time, telecommuting opportunities.

Will consider direct-hire or contract opportunities.


  • Masters Degree: M.S., Mathematical Systems Theory, Computer, Information and Control Engineering
  • Bachelors Degree: Physics and Mathematics

Interest areas

  • Algorithm development
  • Data Scientist
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Imaging sensors
  • Middle Management - Software Development Manager, IT Manager, etc.
  • Parallel: GPU & Cuda
  • Parallel: MPI & OpenMP
  • Realtime/Embedded Engineer
  • Sensor Integration, A/D etc.
  • Software Architect
  • Statistics


  • Algorithm Development
  • CUDA
  • Embedded Engineering
  • GPU
  • Sensors

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