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We invite you to browse through this sampling of candidates. Not everyone we are working with is included, but you will get a good idea of the range of roles and skills we are able to source. This page presents the candidates in summary form. Click on a candidate for more detailed information. If you happen to find someone you would like to learn more about, just fill out their contact form to let us know. We'll take it from there.

Each candidate has been through our 21-point screening process, meaning that by the time candidates have passed muster with us, they are definitely worth a look

Passive candidates are people who are currently employed and not actively looking for a job—but would be open to hearing about opportunities that represent a substantial improvement over their current situation. What would that improvement be? It could be a promotion. It could be more telecommuting. It could be an opportunity to do a specific kind of work. It could be an opportunity in a certain industry. We show candidates who are passive by placing a P on their biography. We let them tell you what type of opportunity would lure them away from their current job.

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Candidate 2775 (P)
Quality Assurance Leader

I would consider any opportunity that has the following attributes: (1) The company is seeking an engaged leader who has a quality-first mindset to drive personnel growth. (2) The company or team offers a collaborative, energized culture. (3) The work on offer is something big that challenges some element of the status quo. That quality of being disruptive would be tantalizing to me.


Candidate 13055
Entry Level Software or Web Developer

I am a recent graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science. I would like to work on projects that offer me the opportunity to grow as a developer and expose me to different technologies and problems.


Candidate 8977
Senior Engineer (Controls, Embedded, AI)

I have 15 years' industry experience developing a variety of applications. In 2019 I completed my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have been working in an academic setting since then. I would enjoy a role in industry that gives me an opportunity to work on controls, embedded systems, AI, or related. My focus location is Lansing, MI or a remote/telecommute situation.


Candidate 15022
Machine Learning Engineer

Research assistant with 2 years of experience in developing machine learning models to analyze sensor data using Python. 4 years of data analysis experience in research and development projects in collaboration with the Boeing Company and other research institutes, which has led to 20+ published articles, 7 conference presentations, and two intellectual property disclosures.


Candidate 410 (P)
Tech Lead, Architect Associate, Senior Engineer

I would be interested in hearing about lead and architecture positions in Ann Arbor in a primarily server side position, with compensation above $140k/yr (includes retirement) and 4 weeks paid time off.


Candidate 15053
Technical Sales Engineer

My pedigree comes from an interdisciplinary fusion of chemistry, physics and engineering. Alongside a passion for business, I am ready to take on any challenge within the realm of scientific sales.


Candidate 7120
Software Developer

I would excel in a role involving application development, interfacing, data mapping and conversions, shell scripting, Linux server administration, software testing, analysis and design, or project management. Well versed in .Net application development, Server Oriented Architecture, RESTful web service development, and web page design/markup.


Candidate 14147
Project Manager, Product Planner, Program Planner

I have extensive Product and Project Management experience and expert level knowledge in the full life cycle of projects in the automotive, IT and construction sectors. I am highly skilled in classic Project Management Methodology. Ideally my next role will be in Product or Program Management, but I am open to traditional Project Management opportunities as well.


Candidate 11147 (P)
Azure Architect

I would be interested in hearing about a role for a Senior Architect or Delivery lead for a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The focus of the work would be designing Azure environments, performing well-architected reviews, and creating technology roadmaps. I would consider a new role at around $250k base salary or $275k combined.


Candidate 14828
Machine Learning Scientist / Data Scientist

I have a PhD in applied mathematics. I have spent the past two years doing research in deep learning and computer vision in an academic setting. This experience has broadened my knowledge of machine learning and helped cement my interest in solving data-driven problems. I'm looking to transition to a role in industry where I can apply my machine learning expertise in real-world challenges.


Candidate 61 (P)
Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Software Architect

I am interested and experienced in the Microsoft Technology Stack. Current experience include Azure Stack development, ASP.MVC web development and .NET Framework development. I would be interested in software engineering, development, architecture and management opportunities in the west coast of US with salary requirements of $125,000 and above. I am currently a senior software engineer with one of the top Japanese IT companies.


Candidate 355 (P)
Software and Sensor Developer

Acknowledged expert in realtime systems, sensor based systems, and massively parallel computation with GPUs. Highly skilled in the areas of algorithm development and machine learning/AI. I get stupid computers to act intelligently when faced with massive amounts of noisy, imprecise and contradictory data. I will consider part-time, telecommuting opportunities.


Candidate 8798 (P)
Senior Full Stack Web Developer

I would be interested in hearing about Full PHP stack or MEAN stack opportunities in Tucson or Gilbert Arizona. For the right job I'd be willing to relocate to Dallas TX. I am seeking a salary above $95,000. I have 20 years' experience working in a variety of social and digital environments. I am still passionate about developing object oriented, scalable code. I like to work in a team which thrives on honesty, with the ability to turn perceived failures into strengths.


Candidate 12042 (P)
Software/Web Engineer

I would be happy to help you with a database, mobile, or web application. I am available for part-time projects in the Ann Arbor and Detroit areas, or remote. I am personable, well-organized, and a good listener with experience developing many kinds of applications.


Candidate 11105 (P)
IT Systems and Network Administrator

IT Systems and Network Administrator with nearly 20 years' experience managing servers and networks. Foundation in troubleshooting all computer hardware and peripherals. Experienced in streamlining and documenting daily processes. Focused on improving business relationships through good customer service. Interested in roles within 20 mile radius of Flint, MI at $80K salary or above.


Candidate 12658
IT Manager

I am an experienced IT Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, managed services provider (MSP) and services industries. I am StratOps minded, with a strong background in security and vendor management. I am automation- and security-focused by nature. I am a servant leader by choice. I am seeking a role with a Michigan-based Service Provider or Internal IT team.


Candidate 10845 (P)
Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

Seeking a position as a full-time remote Web application developer for people-first industries. Examples of what I mean by "people-first" are healthcare, education, pet-related, animal rescue, faith-based, and environmental conservation industries. Ideal tech stack would be a PHP back-end (LAMP stack) or full-stack Javascript running on Node.JS and a JavaScript framework such as Vue.js/Vue 3 on the front-end. Target salary of $90,000 with full medical, dental, vision benefits and ideally a 401k.


Candidate 12592
IT Manager

I am a seasoned Information Technology professional with 13+ years of experience with increasing responsibilities in project management, creation and management of policy documentation, budgeting, leading teams and strategic planning for growth. I enjoy mentoring, future planning and hands-on leadership roles.


Candidate 11745 (P)
Windows System Administrator - VMWare

I am interested in relocating to the Northeast region. I would like a position that focuses primarily on VMware technology in a Windows System Administrator role. My strengths are engineering new solutions and troubleshooting complex issues.


Candidate 11827 (P)
IT Support Specialist

IT professional with 30+ years' experience and a veteran of the United States Air Force. Recently: part of a team that Migrated HP servers for a datacenter separation between two locations. Work included SUSE Linux administration, troubleshooting of security issues, and application support. I would enjoy a role in which I could troubleshoot hardware and software issues.


Candidate 3796 (P)
Principal Engineer

My focus is on wireless communications, currently with respect to automotive vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure-to-vehicle. My background includes considerable experience with Windows/Linux/real time operating systems, embedded systems development, and standards participation. I would consider an opportunity with a base salary of $175,000 or higher in southeast Michigan or 100% remote.


Candidate 15661
IT Director

With over 20 years of IT management and SaaS technical operations support, I am ready to help another organization take that next step in growth. I've overseen a number of IT functions, including infrastructure, network services, cloud operations, internal helpdesk, electronic data delivery, product/customer support, security, and DevOps. I have built teams from nothing into fully functioning, critical-business services. I enjoy driving improvement with other stakeholders, internally and externally - being a go-to resource for many critical IT aspects of the business. I embrace accountability and welcome the daily challenges that come at my teams, stepping in where needed to provide the people leadership and technical acumen to accomplish the goal at hand.


Candidate 10899
Database / Data Warehouse SQL Expert

Long time SQL and database person. I've used everything from Informix to DB2 to Oracle.


Candidate 7071
Senior System Administrator

Well-qualified Senior Systems Administrator with 20+ years experience building, administering, optimizing, troubleshooting, supporting, and aligning large multi-platform physical and virtual environments with evolving business needs. Specialized expertise with installing, configuring, and managing high-availability Windows, Mac OSX, and UNIX infrastructures.

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