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by Stout

We came to CodeMash with pretty high expectations, given our experience in 2009, but the CodeMash team just blew them all away. Thanks to everyone who put on CodeMash 2010. This was Stout's fourth year and we'll be back in 2011 with the Stout Software Smackdown 2011 - Cage Match, Last Programmer Standing event and a lot more.

Here's some pictures of our great time at CodeMash 2010:

Yes, that smiling man is Stout's own Brian P. Skory. Brian manned the booth at CodeMash 2010 almost all of the time (thanks Brian) while the rest of the team, John Stout and I, got to do the fun stuff.

One of the great things about CodeMash, and CodeMash 2010 was no exception, is how many fun tech conversations you can have. Here at our booth, Brian and I are talking with Jon Woodard of Inner Circle Media in Ann Arbor about an iPhone application we have been dreaming up.

Here I am getting in the way while Brian manages the crowd.

Here I'm getting ready to kick off the Stout Software Smackdown.  This was our first year putting on the Smackdown.  So many people at Stout worked overtime to put this together and it really paid off.  We had a lot of fun and now we're excited to do it all again next year at CodeMash 2011.

A set of pictures from what was obviously our favorite event at CodeMash 2010—The Stout Software Smackdown—23 minutes of pulse pounding software development.  Action packed programming that has never been seen before.

And the winners of the Smackdown: Kevin Berridge, Benjamin Lee & Josh Schramm.
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