Interview Prep for Technology Professionals (Free Webinar)

January 31 at 4:00pm EST - Need help preparing for your interview? Here's a free webinar from the experts! We've been in technical staffing & recruiting for 25 years.

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Getting Hired in the Technology Sector: Landing your First Job (Free Webinar)

February 7 at 4:00pm EST - If you are a recent graduate—or are soon to be one—you may be wondering what the best practices are that will help you land your first job.  

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Leverage Your LinkedIn (Free Webinar with a LinkedIn Lookover)

February 21 at 4:00pm EST - So you’re not looking for a job. So what? You still need a great LinkedIn profile. We’ll tell you why and how to get there. Done properly, you can use LinkedIn to test your attractiveness in the marketplace without jeopardizing your current employment.

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Would a Hiring Manager Swipe Right on You? (w/ Free LinkedIn Profile Review)

February 28  at 4:00pm EST - How well are you marketing yourself as a prospective employee? We'll review your LinkedIn profile and give our expert opinion!

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Making a Career Change into a Technology Field (Free Webinar)

March 7 at 4:00pm EST - As recruiters, we meet career changers who are looking for advice about how to land that first job in their new field of interest. We've got a free webinar for you that will help you leverage your transferrable skills and break into the tech industry confidently.

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Resume Building for Technology Professionals (Free Webinar)

March 14 at 4:00pm EST -   Need help sprucing up your resume? Get tips from the experts - technical recruiters. Free to all attendees: Ruthless Resume Review!

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