Hiring and Keeping the Perfect Ideal Employee

by Peg Bogema

It is an interesting quirk of human behavior that you can tell your boss something and be ignored or rejected or dismissed outright—and then that same exact thing can be said by someone influential and voila! it’s suddenly new, fresh, inspired, brilliant even. And must be adopted or implemented immediately. (Sigh.)

In April I had the opportunity to be the influential person saying things that everyone already knows.

People who focus on hiring know that this is a difficult hiring market for employers. During the recession, the labor market was glutted. Now the job market is glutted.

I was invited to speak at Automation Alley (AutomationAlley.com) as the first speaker in a six-part series called “Hiring and Keeping the Perfect Ideal Employee.” My topic: Are you trying to hire Batman when Robin will do?

I found myself preaching to the converted on the ideas like slimming down requirements to encourage a larger applicant pool, writing attractive job ads that sell a role to prospective candidates as if they are customers, not cattle, telling people up front what a position’s compensation target is, and so forth. There was a point at which I thought I should just sit down and let anyone—yes, anyone—in this very savvy audience take over.

The truth is that we know what to do. Now we need to do it. Operating as if the recession is still on and people should be darned glad they have a job…really? But just in case you’re one of those people who are telling your boss but being ignored, rejected or dismissed outright, here are descriptions of the rest of the Automation Alley series events. Maybe by attending you can get the reinforcement you need.

The next event in the series will have already passed by publication time but here’s the complete lineup:

Find Your Next Superstar
May 15, 2013 (http://bit.ly/17JzEVP)

The Talent Games: Effective Interviewing Techniques

June 26, 2013 (http://bit.ly/18rspmX)

First Impressions: Employee Retention

July 17, 2013 (http://bit.ly/18rsoiM)

Five Generations, One Workplace!

August 14, 2013 (http://bit.ly/ZDVuF0)

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