Hiring and Keeping the Perfect Ideal Employee

It is an interesting quirk of human behavior that you can tell your boss something and be ignored...

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Opening the Door to Technical Talent - Part 2

At Stout, about 50% of our business activity is attracting and qualifying new technical talent. I know that finding...

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Opening the Door to Technical Talent – Part 1

Beyond the consulting work we do at Stout, about 50% of our activity is, because of the staffing side of the business...

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What is it you want, anyway? Part 1

For a company looking to acquire IT consulting services, it can be difficult to determine just what services it, in fact, needs. Of course that depends on...

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I/T Unemployment Rate Low = Hiring Woes

A recent Kiplinger Letter confirmed what many of us already suspected. The IT unemployment rate is low, low, low. The number Kiplinger tossed out is...

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The Hiring Hat Trick

Maybe you didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to hire better candidates with less wasted time. Maybe you don’t think...

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Industry Hiring Picks Up—Are You Ready?

The IT industry job market is warming up. Pent up demand from tabled software engineering projects and...

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Are Things Looking Up For IT?

A couple of weeks ago I sent out emails to a number of candidates we haven't chatted with for a while...

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How to Avoid Hiring a Cheat

Here’s a cautionary tale I thought might be interesting since there is a higher level of competition for jobs right now...

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