I’m a Mac. I’m a PC. Actually, I’m both.

by John W. Stout

A few months ago, a friend (Microsoft employee, no less) divulged a dirty little secret. He runs Vista on a Mac. Maybe the fact that you can do this is old news to you but I have pretty much been a hardcore PC user since PC Day One. Having never heard this before I did some investigation and it turns out that this is not an uncommon practice. So I tried it.

I bought a MacBook and interestingly enough, the “geniuses” at the local Apple Store (which, if customer volume is any indicator, looks pretty recession-proof) bent over backward to help me get Vista up and running when I hit a snag during the installation.

The new machine is sleek, clean and smooth and noticeably overpowers my old PC. While I’m not prepared to state the precise metrics of improvement, I can say that Vista seems to run about 3X better than it did on my 2-year old PC.

The keyboard has required a slight shift of habit, but I’ve gotten used to it in a rather short time. Overall my workflow has improved greatly with the step up from the supposed “Vista-ready” laptop.

I’m definitely not a hardcore Apple geek yet, but I have to believe PC manufacturers and the business world have started taking note of what’s being done with Macs. I noticed Dell’s step in that direction with the new Adamo line:

Apple is clearly ahead in the marketing game as their products seem to be the standard against which others are being compared, e.g. the Android being touted by some as an “iPhone-killer” and Microsoft's “I'm a PC” ad campaign.

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