Introduction to Getting Hired

by Brian Skory

What these articles are about...

Right now, from an employer's perspective it's a buyer's market for technical talent. There are lots of talented technical people vying for a limited number of positions. If you are currently engaged in a job search, you should be asking yourself the following questions:

  • What's going to make you stand out from the rest?
  • Is there a way to help your resume rise to the top of the stack?
  • Can something be done to increase your chances of being called in for an interview?
  • And if so, what can be done to make you more desirable than the other candidates being interviewed?

These are the questions I will answer through these brief but informative articles. Much of this will be new information for you. Some of it will simply be common sense (but those are often the easiest to forget and the best to review). Whichever the case, my goal is to make you as attractive as possible to potential employers and maximize your chances of getting hired.

As always, we're interested in hearing how your job search is going. Feel free to contact us.
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