Stout Gets Lean: Mary Poppendieck Triggers Action

A few weeks ago, Stout Systems and the Ann Arbor Chapter of the Association for Women in Computing cosponsored a seminar led by Mary Poppendieck...

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Poppendieck Event a Success

We at Stout were pleased to present a session with Mary and Tom Poppendieck at Marr Professional Development in Ann Arbor...

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What is Failure Demand?

All companies that use or support software of any kind will, at times, see that software fails. The demand...

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Insider Tips on Resume Writing, Interviewing and More

Recently, Peg Bogema and I gave a presentation to the Ann Arbor Association of Women in Computing. The topic: Insider Tips on Resume Writing, Interviewing and More.

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Mary Poppendieck Comes to Ann Arbor

As the software industry in Michigan continues to blossom in 2010, Stout Systems in conjunction with Ann Arbor Women in Computing, is lucky to be able to bring one of the great leaders of the Lean Software Revolution to Ann Arbor, Mary Poppendieck...

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Upcoming Resume-Networking-Interviewing Extravaganza

Okay, maybe I am overselling our upcoming presentation a little bit...

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CodeMash v2.0.1.0

We came to CodeMash with pretty high expectations, given our experience in 2009, but the CodeMash team just blew them all away...

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Social Media Marketing at TechTown

Stout's own Alan Robbins gave a public presentation on Social Media Marketing to a packed house at last week's First Friday event at TechTown in Detroit...

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CodeMash v. Another Success

For the third straight year we sponsored the CodeMash conference...

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CodeMash v2.0.0.9 Ushers in a New Year for Developers

If you haven’t been to, or never heard of CodeMash, here’s the scoop: CodeMash is a software developer’s conference with sessions covering...

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