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Stout Systems is here to help you in your job search—Michigan and beyond.

We know that as a job hunter, even if you are highly qualified for a job, you are often rejected. Why? Because the artificial intelligence (AI) on the intake side didn’t find a specific word or phrase on your resume or in your application.

Stout Systems uses human intelligence liberally when it comes to finding the right job for the right candidate. It looks like magic. It’s not. It’s just old-fashioned hard work and getting to know our customers and our candidates. Nonetheless, we tell people, This is where the magic happens.™ Because every team needs a slogan.

When it comes to a job search—Michigan and beyond—Stout Systems can make magic happen.

If You Already Know Stout Systems

If you already know Stout Systems, you’re probably ready to jump straight to our current job openings.

If You Are New to Stout Systems

We are known for award-winning software by some of our customers, but others think of Stout Systems as their go-to resource for technical staffing and recruiting services.

Since the dot com boom times of the 1990s, Stout has provided temporary staffing services and direct-hire recruiting services to companies ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 100s.

We excel at matching technology professionals for all aspects of software development and IT with great jobs. That's why Stout Systems is the choice for candidates engaged in a job search—Michigan and beyond.

By way of example, here is a sampling of direct-hire recruits we have successfully placed:


And here is a sampling of engagements we have successfully staffed:



Chart showing the average salary by job category 2013-2022


Chart showing the number of placements by job type category 2013-2022

Attracting Top Technical Talent

Employment agencies throughout Michigan and across the nation use the same techniques to source candidates.

What makes Stout Systems different?

Because we are both a software development company and a technical staffing services firm, we understand technology professionals.
More importantly, Stout Systems’ Tech Talent Team takes pride in the amazing connections they make between our clients and our candidates.
And Stout Systems’ level of communication is unparalleled—something that technology professionals value as much as a great job opportunity. That's another reason why Stout Systems is the choice for candidates engaged in a job search—Michigan and beyond.

Meet The Team That Will Be Working With You

Natalie Scruggs is a staffing specialist, connecting customers and candidates to create that perfect match.

Natalie Scruggs

Staffing Specialist
Priya Mani is a Tech Talent Specialist at Stout Systems. She has a spectacular track record of finding and matching great candidates with great jobs.


Tech Talent Specialist
Brian Skory is a veteran Tech Talent Specialist at Stout Systems. He has helped hundreds of candidates land jobs and contract engagements that have boosted their careers.

Brian Skory

Tech Talent Specialist
Don Stauffer is Stout Systems’ Tech Talent Screening Manager. He says, “I feel that all of our relationships are powerful, and I enjoy connecting and re-connecting with candidates as they move through their careers.”

Don Stauffer

Tech Talent Screening Manager
Jan Hazekamp is a Technical Screener at Stout Systems, helping Stout qualify candidates in a way few staffing agencies do.)

Jan Hazekamp

Technical Screener
Chris Mollo is a Technical Screener at Stout Systems. He prides himself in putting job seekers at ease during his interviews with them.

Chris Mollo

Technical Screener

Don't Take our Word for it

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can read or hear from our satisfied candidates and clients themselves.

Read candidate staffing and recruiting services reviews on Glassdoor and Google.

Read client reviews on Clutch.

You can also watch video testimonials.
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Wassim Katbey
Wassim Katbey
02:32 15 Jan 20
I'm working with Stout Systems on a Software Development role, for a company in the Metro Detroit Area. The recruitment process was great. Following my recruitment (and the period before I began work) the staff at Stout Systems always kept up with me, and answered any questions I had regarding pay, benefits, etc. If you're looking to fill tech roles, definitely give them a chance!
Soheil Javadi
Soheil Javadi
23:11 19 Jun 19
It went like that... A phone screen and then two offers. One of which led to an in-person interview and I got the job :) Very nice people and very supportive. Thank you Priya and all stout team.
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Making Magic

What makes Stout different from other recruiting services and staffing services? And why do we succeed where other (bigger) services fail?
  • For one thing, we were founded by a programmer and are active software developers. So we understand technology.
  • We have a small team that works one-on-one with our candidates.
  • We ensure open communication to each individual, whether or not they are qualified for a job.

But the primary reason why we succeed is our patented 21-point screening process. Just kidding—about the patent, that is. But not about the process.

21-Point Screening Process

We give technology professionals 21 opportunities to fail—meaning that by the time candidates have passed muster with us, they are definitely worth a look.

Our 21-point screening process also gives technology professionals 21 opportunities to succeed. And this is where the magic happens.

One key aspect of our twenty-one point screening process is this: we borrow talent from our own software development team to conduct live over-the-phone technical interviews with all candidates. Unlike most temp services, we aren’t just looking for keywords on resumes. While this may reduce the number of candidates we present to our clients, it increases our quality. That is why a candidate submitted by Stout Systems is always worth interviewing—and our clients know that. Because sometimes a technology professional is better at writing code than writing a resume.

Our customers expect one thing from us: that any candidate we present will be thoroughly vetted. That's why Stout resumes rise to the top of the stack. Which in turn means that you are more likely to succeed in your job search—Michigan and beyond.

When it comes to job opportunities, speed counts. The faster you work with us to complete our process, the faster we can take action regarding opportunities.

Submit Your Resume

We will review every resume within 2 business days. If you are a good match for an open position or contract, we will invite you via email to begin our screening process.
Submitting your resume for review is the first step in engaging with Stout Systems for your job search—Michigan and beyond.
Setting up a profile of your interests and requirements is your second step in engaging with Stout Systems for your job search—Michigan and beyond.

Complete Your Stout Profile

You will receive a link to your confidential profile page in an email. It takes 15-20 minutes to complete and will collect both information already on your resume as well as additional information typically not included on a resume (such as salary expectations, ability to travel and more details regarding your skills). This profile is for our internal use only.

Technical Interview

If your skills and background match a current job opening, we will conduct a technical interview. This technical interview consists of a series of questions on 1-2 technical topics. The technical interview is normally conducted over the phone, running about 15-30 minutes.
A technical interview is the third step in engaging with Stout Systems for your job search—Michigan and beyond.
Getting your reference contact information on file is another step in engaging with Stout Systems for your job search—Michigan and beyond.


Upon completion of our internal interviews, we request that you send us the names and contact information for your references. Normally, we don’t contact your references until later in the interview process with our clients. In any case, we don’t contact references until you have given us the go-ahead to do so.

Presentation to our Clients

If you are a good match for a position, we will call you to discuss it in detail. This is the point at which we will share all client details with you so that you can decide if you are interested in having your resume submitted. It is our policy not to submit your resume to a company without your permission. Please note that we cannot submit your resume to a company if you have already submitted it to that company recently.
We never present a candidate's resume to a client with his or her express permission.
We support you through the interview process. We can even help you negotiate an offer. That's why Stout Systems is a preferred partner for a job search—Michigan and beyond.


If the company expresses an interest, we will set up your interview in accordance with that company’s standard interview procedures. Even if the company’s process involves more than one interview, we will be with you every step of the way until you receive and accept an offer letter or are put under contract.

Understanding Staffing Services versus Direct-Hire Recruiting

Stout Systems provides both direct-hire recruiting services and staffing services to its clients. What is the difference for candidates?

Really, we are talking about two quite different scenarios.

Direct-Hire Recruiting

Some companies need outside help to attract or source qualified candidates for a job they are trying to fill.

  • In some cases, the skills required for a role are unique and rare.
  • In other cases, the skills required for a role are in high demand.
  • And some companies simply do not have a large enough in-house HR staff to do all of the work associated with attracting or sourcing qualified candidates.

When any of the above circumstances arise, companies ask outside search firms to help them identify qualified candidates. When the search firm finds a great candidate, he or she is offered the job by the company and becomes a direct-hire employee of the company.

Staffing Services

Compare that with staffing services.

Sometimes companies have a temporary need for:

  • Special skills, but not skills that will be an enduring need
  • More people, as in the case when a team needs to increase its velocity and throughput just to meet a critical deadline

They don’t want to hire people outright because they envision that their needs will last only for a finite period of time.

In circumstances like this, they would like to augment their staff through the use of a staffing services firm.

When you see a role on Stout Systems Job Board that is described as a contract, if you are selected for the role, you will become a regular W2 employee of Stout Systems with benefits.

Upon completion of the assignment with our client, we may be able to offer you another similar opportunity or we may be able to help you find a direct-hire role with another client.

What about Contract-to-Hire?

The contract to hire model is a hybrid approach to hiring. Companies engage candidates as if they are on a temporary staffing service assignment. After a defined period of time such as six months, the company has the option to extend an offer of direct-hire employment to the candidate or to end the engagement. The contract-to-hire model is used several circumstances:
  • Some company cultures are highly sensitive to firings as they can damage the team spirit. If a contract-to-hire resource reaches the end of an assignment without being direct-hired, that is not viewed negatively by employees—and doesn’t impact the esprit de corp.
  • Similarly, if there have been rounds of lay-offs in recent memory, employees are understandably nervous. If a contract-to-hire resource doesn’t work out, employee morale isn’t damaged.
  • Sometimes growth is forecast—but far from certain. Augmenting staff with a goal of direct-hiring them if the growth actually occurs is a great way to ramp up with a rapid ramp down plan ready to be triggered if needed.
No matter the reason why the company elects the contract-to-hire model, the candidate is hired by Stout Systems and is a regular W2 employee with benefits throughout the contracting portion of the assignment. Read Peg Bogema's excellent blog post on direct-hire versus contract-to-hire for an in depth discussion on the topic.

Employment and Benefits with Stout Systems

If you join Stout Systems on a staffing assignment, you will be direct-hire employee of Stout Systems for the duration of your assignment with our client.

  • Stout Systems provides first class medical, dental and vision benefits—offering two different medical insurance plans and featuring an employer-funded HSA Savings Account.
  • Stout Systems provides life insurance and long term disability insurance at no cost to the employees.

Where possible, when temporary employment with one company is completed, Stout Systems re-assigns personnel to another customer project.

Where that isn’t possible, Stout Systems assists its personnel in their job search.

As the employer, Stout Systems pays for Workers Comp, federal and state unemployment insurance and all other mandated taxes and fees.

If you are New to the Michigan Area

If you are considering relocation to Michigan, you may not be aware of just how beautiful and diverse the state is. Check out this video for a whirlwind introduction to the state of Michigan, which features four seasons and the longest freshwater coastline in the country. In addition, here is some information about a few of the areas that typically hire technology professionals.


Detroit is one of the 20 largest cities in the United States.

If you think you know Detroit from what you have seen in the media, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Check out this amazing video: Detroit. Move here. Move the world.

Detroit is home to one of the fastest growing STEM clusters in the nation. Detroit is redefining the future of mobility, innovation, business and culture. Detroit has virtually unlimited access to resources and innovative talent from the 25 colleges and universities in southeast Michigan.

Frequently cited as one of the most affordable cities in which to live in the country.  

And who wouldn't want to live in the place that continues to inspire the world with its music, art, culture and heart. Be prepared to move when you watch Detroit: One Nation Under a Groove!

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor often appears on “Best of” lists. In 2018 named the Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, the Best College Town in America

The city prides itself on its:

  • Arts and culture
  • Great schools
  • Beautiful parks and recreation centers
  • Diverse culture, especially well represented by its many great restaurants

Here is a great introductory video available about Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is also well known for its thriving business community and entrepreneurial spirit. Some people compare it with Silicon Valley—minus the housing costs. Learn more about why businesses locate in Ann Arbor

We have gone virtual and are currently providing a rotating schedule of free weekly webinars.

Current Job Openings

Please review our current information technology job openings below. If you find a position of interest, please submit your resume directly for that position.

Or you can send us your resume with no particular position in mind. We will be happy to review it and let you know if we think we have an opportunity that is a good fit now—or will in the near future.

Filter By Tags:
  • Position 3936 Electronic Device Test Engineer

    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Posted since: August 16th

    We are searching for an Electronic Device Test Engineer to join a team that ensures product compliance to industrial network specifications.

    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Posted since: August 16th
  • Position 3935 HRIS Analyst

    Stamford, CT
    Posted since: August 2nd

    We are searching for a HRIS analyst who has experience with Workday HCM with the ability to create standard and custom reports. The candidate should also be familiar with the inner workings of Workday in order to support our client's HR department.

    Stamford, CT
    Posted since: August 2nd
  • Position 3934 Angular developer

    Canton, MI
    Posted since: July 24th

    We are searching for a full stack Web Developer to join our client's Angular/C# product development team.

    Canton, MI
    Posted since: July 24th
  • Position 3926 Software Development Manager

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Posted since: April 26th

    We are searching for an experienced Software Development Manager to join a fast-growing AI company that is addressing real-world challenges in the Health Care industry.

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Posted since: April 26th

Apply Today!

You can let us know which position(s) you are interested in. 

Or you can send us your resume with no particular position in mind. We will be happy to review it and let you know if we think we have an opportunity that is a good fit now—or will in the near future.

If you provide us with your mobile phone number we may send you limited texts related to your submission. We never send marketing texts and do not sell your personal information.
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