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Position 2298
SAS Programmer (with Technical Lead experience)

We are searching for a SAS programmer who has leadership experience and is interested in joining our client's data services team as part of their Manager Development Program.

Candidates will continue building upon both their technical skills and their project leadership, planning, and oversight skills with the ultimate goal to assuming a Managing Programmer role.

Ann Arbor, MI

Up to $85-95K
Very generous benefits and retirement.

Bachelors Degree

  • 5+ years of SAS programming experience including progressively more responsible programming experience demonstrated by SAS experience using Base SAS. Experience should include: data step, Macro processing, PROC SQL.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of Team Lead experience.
  • Familiarity with SAS statistical procedures.
  • Demonstrated ability to write code that is clearly readable and efficient.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and translate user requirements into implementation design.

  • Develop and utilize advanced knowledge of project specific data structure and organization, study protocol and research design; analyze user requirements and translate to implementation design.
  • Successfully, efficiently, and independently accomplish a wide variety of analytical and programming tasks.
  • Be architect/technical decision maker and implement standardized coding and variable creation, in collaboration with analytical staff, and coordinate the documentation and understanding of major file systems
  • Work collaboratively with both internal and external research personnel, including co-investigators of varying backgrounds and expertise.
  • Understanding of statistical concepts and fluency in analytical approaches for health care outcomes.

  • Participants must successfully develop and demonstrate proficiency in three competency areas: technical competency, project leadership, and project planning and oversight. Participant proficiency will be assessed at day ninety (90), six (6) months, and one (1) year, according to the program schedule.
  • After successful demonstration of proficiency in the three competency areas, participants will be promoted to the managing programmer position. Trainees may not be promoted prior to the 90 day assessment.
  • Once the role of Managing Programmer is assumed, the Manager will be responsible for translating project needs to programming tasks, managing project-specific data systems and products, and managing the programming team members working on the project(s). Specifically, this position is responsible for managing the programming tasks with the responsibility of coordinating the prioritization, functionalities, and programming design by working with application developers, analysts, and the project team; and for determining the day-to-day project priorities and assigning work distribution across the programming team in a manner suitable to ensure project completion with appropriate expertise and workload.

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