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Position 2363
Software Engineer

We are searching for two very good software engineers to help our client build next generation 3D robot guidance applications.

Our client is pulling together the team now, which will be comprised of several current employees plus the two new hires. As such, there are several different skillsets that would potentially work. If you have strong C++ or C#/WPF plus a background in robotics or computational geometry, you are an excellent prospect for one of these roles.

Plymouth, MI

$100K to $125K plus excellent benefits

Minimum Bachelor's degree in a relevant field

  • Excellent C++ plus familiarity with C#/WPF


    Excellent C#/WPF plus familiarity with C++
  • Experience with or an aptitude for mathematical programming, specifically related to 3D transformations or linear algebra
  • Experience with computational geometry


    Experience with robotics

  • You must be willing to work in a collaborative environment with an open set-up
  • You must be willing to apply agile development principles, specifically Scrum.
  • This is going to be a fun project with a real impact to our client's business.

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