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Position 2364
Server Side Developer (MySQL/PHP)

We are looking for an experienced server side developer to join a project team working on applications that explore the relationships between human health and the environment.

To start, you will join a development team working on an application for the National Cancer Institute. The team is not co-located, so you will work from your own office.

Ann Arbor, MI. Although this role will be performed primarily as a telecommute, there is a strong preference for a candidate who can meet with the project team periodically.

Up to $110K commensurate with experience.

This role may start out as a brief contract-to-hire through Stout with conversion to direct-hire employment with our client shortly thereafter.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, GIS or Physics

  • Strong expertise as a server side developer. The back end stack includes MySQL and PHP, but your general database and server-side expertise is more important than strong experience in the stack.
  • Excellent data management capabilities, including XML, database and other data management technologies
  • Experience with best practices in user credentialing, storing user customizations and sessions states on the server side, and security
  • Experience developing and consuming Web services
  • Personal attributes: you must be adaptable, flexible, a self starter and capable of contributing to complex analysis of data and trends related to the intersection of geography and health

  • The next project on deck will be re-engineering a Windows desktop application written in C++ as a web-based application and also adding new functionality to it.
  • As a result, a server-side developer who has familiarity or experience with C++ would rise to the top of the list.
  • Even if you're not an expert, as long as you are not a complete novice at C++ and are sharp enough to pick up any missing C++ knowledge fairly quickly, you may be qualified.

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