Let Your Enthusiasm Shine

by Brian Skory

When someone checks in with me after having completed their interview, my guess is as good as anyone’s whether they will be the candidate of choice or not…except when I hear them say one thing: “I am really excited about this opportunity.” More times than not, when I hear them say those words, they actually do end up being the candidate of choice. When the interviewee reports back that “this would be my dream job,” or “they seem like exactly the kind of people I want to work with” or “this is the perfect work culture for me,” I’m confident that the hiring manager will pick up on that. 

And think about it... if you narrowed down your interview pool to three good candidates, all of them with similar skills, education, and experience, wouldn’t you be attracted to the candidate most attracted to you, your role, and your company? As the saying goes, we tend to like people who like us. Additionally, hiring managers don’t just want good technical fits, they want people who are going to stick around for a while. People who are genuinely excited about their jobs are generally the ones who end up staying. 

Now, I’m not saying to fake, or even exaggerate, your enthusiasm in an interview. What I am suggesting is that if you genuinely are excited about the opportunity, now is not the time to put on your poker face. If you are feeling excited about a role, a company, or a development team, make sure that your interviewers know it. It just might make the difference between your getting the role over somebody else.

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