Looking Toward a Post-COVID-19 Job Market

Looking Toward a Post-COVID-19 Job Market COVID-19 has certainly turned the job-hiring market upside down. From our perspective, we’ve seen the following scenarios play out: Some of our clients have […]

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What is Design Thinking?

What is Design Thinking? To put it simply, design thinking is a solution-based approach for solving difficult problems. Design thinking is an iterative process to understand the user, challenge your assumptions, […]

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So You Want to Change Careers…(Part 2)

A big challenge facing a career changer is how to get a hiring manager to take a chance on you. Let’s assume that you have already taken steps to become […]

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So You Want to Change Careers…(Part 1)

After more than two decades in the technical recruiting game, Stout Systems has learned a thing or two about how to help people find jobs. We are often invited to […]

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Leveraging Docker to Create a Dev Environment

This isn't a primer on Docker, containers, virtual machines, system resources, or anything like that. All of that has been written about extensively elsewhere. This is about getting local development […]

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Human Multi-tasking

Some time back, I started writing an article and found myself having to “multi-task” to get it completed. Specifically...

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Craigslist and Yahoo Pipes

When I moved last spring I had a garage sale and one of the things I sold off to save storage space was my 75 gallon aquarium. I’ve been...

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Everyday Usability

Who has the time to spend a week learning how to use something they just paid $X,XXX for?! I don't...

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Customize Firefox to Reclaim Screen Estate

Screen estate is frequently gaining value in the world of intense computer users and this is especially true for those using a 9" monitor for example...

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Save Time with Toggl, Literally

When you are a contract worker or someone with more than one job, the topic of how to keep track of billable hours will always come up...

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