Top 5 Ways to Attract and Retain Tech Talent

It’s a fiercely competitive labor market right now, especially for technical talent. Many companies worry that because they cannot match the wages on offer from other firms, they won’t be able attract or retain the workforce they need. When companies have the mindset that it’s a SHOW ME THE MONEY market, they can feel like […]

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Swooping on Candidates

If you follow the news about the labor market, you know that the unemployment rate is extremely low. Job creation continues at a strong pace. Even people who weren't previously looking for work have taken notice—and they are feeling optimistic enough about their chances that they, too, have started applying for jobs. These factors cut […]

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Another Buy vs. Build Article

Is Custom Software Right for your Business? I know, I know… Not another buy-versus-build article. But wait. What if the buy-versus-build decision could be boiled down to a few simple yes/no questions? Well, it can! Question 1: Is there a software package, Web site or mobile application that comes close to delivering what you need? […]

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Which of these descriptions best fits your software development team? (1) The team is highly integrated with the rest of the company and its customers. (2) The team is shoved off in a corner. If your circumstances more closely match the first scenario, well done you. By design or by accident, your structure is helping […]

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Agile Episode II - What is Minimum Viable Product?

We last talked about the roots of Agile and how Agile thinking refocuses the efforts of a software development team on delivering real user value instead of following a plan (Agile Episode I). Our premise is that traditional PMP management methods, while well intentioned, often slow down development. This time we'll discuss Minimum Viable Product […]

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Revision Control Systems

There's nothing sexy about source control, but it—and the skills to use it—are essential to software development. Long gone are the days where it's appropriate to simply use a network share that probably gets backed up—or worse, nothing at all—to manage source code. Source control provides these benefits: Knowledge. Find out when something broke or […]

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Agile - Episode I

This is the first part of a multi-part series on Agile in which we’ll describe: What is Agile and why does is matter for your organization? How does an application development team adopt Agile to deliver better software faster? Who are Business Analysts and what they can do to unlock an Agile team’s full potential? […]

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Prototyping for Success

In software development there are always unknowns. Will this library work? How fast will this be? How long will this take to implement? One technique that can help address these questions is prototyping. There are many different types and levels of prototyping, going all the way up to elaborate models that are almost like the […]

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Blueprint For a Failed Project

There are a myriad of ways that a software development project can fail. Before we talk about some ways, let's define failure. The most common is a project that comes in late and over budget. This is certainly bad and to be avoided, but far worse are the projects that never complete or complete but […]

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The Reluctant or Accidental Software Development Manager

Once upon a time, hardware was hardware, software was software and business was business. In those days, cross-functional fraternization was frowned upon in most organizations. About the most one could do was write a memo—and then throw it over the wall and hope that something positive would happen. Those were days in which computing power […]

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