Responding to Rejection

by Brian Skory

I recently rejected a candidate for a position he had applied for. Based on his resume, he clearly wasn’t a match for the position. His response to my rejection was polite and well thought out, something along the lines of, “Although I respect your desire to not move forward with my submission, I really do feel that I am a good fit for this role. Back in 2008, while working for ABC Company, I worked on a very similar software project and gained considerable experience in the areas of X, Y and Z. Is there any chance you might reconsider and at least have a brief phone conversation about my qualifications?”

After having that phone conversation, it became apparent that he was a potentially strong fit for the role after all. I ended up submitting him.

Contrast this with another response to a rejection that, while it happened some time ago, I never forgot: it went something along the lines of, “You aren’t interested in me for this role? This decision only tells me what a loser you are. Thanks for nothing.”

Although the second candidate may have felt “better” after having gotten that off his chest, what he failed to realize is that he created a lasting impression of bitterness. I would have to think twice about working with such a candidate in the future out of concern that his sour attitude about rejection might be directed at a hiring manager or potential co-worker and spoil what might otherwise appear to be a good fit for a particular job.

The Correct Way to Handle a Rejection

If only for the sake of good manners, the correct way to handle a rejection is to politely acknowledge the response with something such as, “Thank you for the reply. Please do consider me for any future opportunities that look like a good match.”

On the other hand, if you do feel strongly about being a good fit, and that perhaps this isn’t coming through on your resume and cover letter, then consider a polite appeal such as the one above.

The company who rejects you today just might be the one to put you into a dream job at a later date. Maximize your chances of this occurring by keeping the door fully open for future submissions.
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