Scratch—Software Development for Kids

by Brian Skory

I walked passed my 11 year old son’s bedroom the other day and saw him kneeling down in front of his desk frantically typing away on his computer keyboard. Puzzled where his chair might be, I made a mental note to check on that when I had a moment. Almost two hours later, I returned only to find him still kneeling there. Curiosity getting the better of me, I went in and asked him what he was doing. He answered that he was finishing up Level 14 of a game. Only he wasn’t playing this game—he was designing it!

For a while now, my son has been spending a fair amount of time with a program called Scratch. Scratch is a visual programming language which strives to make programming more engaging and accessible to children, teens and others who wish to learn programming. The concept is quite simple. To create a game program the user snaps blocks together into stacks. Blocks are designed to fit together only when it makes syntactic sense. The result is a program that controls and mixes graphics, animation, music and sound. And then, to top it off, creations can be posted to the Web site so that others can sample or even collaborate on each others work.

Scratch also allows users to learn important computation concepts such as iteration, conditionals, variables, data types, events and processes. Besides being a lot of fun, many kids take it to the next level by moving on to actual text-based scripting languages. Several research papers have been written about this.

The program is built on top of the Squeak programming language and is an open source—but closed development—project spearheaded by a team of researchers at the MIT Media Lab.
Download Scratch.
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