Stout Enters the iPhone Market

by Stout

Stout Systems Enters the iPhone Market With Its First App

Stout Systems announces that it is has officially entered the iPhone application development market with its first offering released to the iTunes Store. Called iSoBusy, the application is a tongue-in-cheek twist on a traditional mobile phone app theme: the “fake phone call” that gives a user an exit strategy from dull or uncomfortable situations. iSoBusy features over twenty uniquely silly pre-recorded fake callers including Mom, Obsessive Boss, Unemployed Brother-in-law, Football Fan and Dry Cleaner Calling About That Stain.

“This is a new direction for us,” said John W. Stout, President of Stout Systems. “Our primary focus, of course, is still and will continue to be on expert level software and systems consulting services for our customers. Those customer services expanded to include the iPhone application development starting in 2009. At the same time, the idea for an app of our own, especially in the entertainment sphere, is just fun.”

VolumeOne culture and entertainment magazine states that iSoBusy is "already the best-ranked application of its kind.”

Stout Systems developed iSoBusy in partnership with marketing guru David Brier and his company DBD International. Information about the application can be found at
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