Leverage Your LinkedIn

How valuable are you in the employment marketplace? How can you be sure? If you are in a commodity role—by which I mean a role that is commonly offered with […]

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Things to Consider When Entertaining Multiple Job Offers

The world of recruiting never stands still, and each year we see something unique that we maybe haven’t seen for a while. One new thing we are seeing is that […]

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Overselling Yourself Could Come at a Cost

We pitch ourselves to prospective employers in a number of ways. There’s our resume, our 30-second “elevator speech,” our LinkedIn profile (and other professional social media profiles), and then there’s […]

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How Much Should You Talk During an Interview?

Sometimes we hear back that a candidate didn’t talk very much during their interview and that this signaled a lack of interest to the interviewer. But other times the feedback […]

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Ways to Get Noticed in Your Tech Job Hunt

If you are in the tech industry, there’s a good chance that companies are searching for you! We currently have an unprecedented number of open tech jobs and not enough […]

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Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

I always like to tell candidates that interviewing is a two-way street. What I mean by this is that the questions shouldn’t just be flowing from the interviewer to you. […]

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Let Your Enthusiasm Shine

When someone checks in with me after having completed their interview, my guess is as good as anyone’s whether they will be the candidate of choice or not…except when I […]

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So...Why Do You Want to Work Here?

What do you think about the following responses to the interview question, "So…why do you want to work here?" "I heard the benefits here are really great." "You guys are […]

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How Not to Burn Bridges in One Easy Lesson

They say that showing up is half the battle. I’m not sure who originally said that. A Google search will attribute the quote to everyone from Woody Allen to Stephen […]

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Cover Letters That Work

I have found that many technical people do not know how to effectively write a cover letter to accompany a resume submission. A cover letter is your opportunity to positively […]

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