Battling the Brogrammer Culture

It's been all over the news lately. The number of women in Computer Science is pathetic—and worsening. Here's a simple measure: fewer than 20% of the Computer Science degrees issued […]

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Southeast Michigan Tech Employers Address Talent Challenges Head On

Information technology jobs are some of the fastest growing in Southeast Michigan, a 9-county area that includes Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Flint. In just five years, demand in the form […]

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Rekindling a "Rebirth"

In February, the IT industry publication InfoWorld published an article...

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A Thought-Provoking Talk with "The Woz"

In November, I had the good fortune to meet and spend a few minutes talking with Steve "the Woz" Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and co-developer of the first successful personal computers.

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Google Fiber for Communities

Monday night the Ann Arbor City Council met to discuss the new Google Fiber, ultra high speed broadband network. It was a very big turnout, and you can see a number of the participants and their thoughts...

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Cloud Computing—Speeding Up Software Adoption

I attended a pre-proposal meeting last week, where a very large company was asking their vendors and other interested parties to comment on and ask questions about their software selection process...

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Whither AI

I have been working on a pet project lately. I've been trying to write a genetic algorithm to solve a simple test problem...

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Craigslist and Yahoo Pipes

When I moved last spring I had a garage sale and one of the things I sold off to save storage space was my 75 gallon aquarium. I’ve been...

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Scratch—Software Development for Kids

Scratch is a visual programming language which strives to make programming more engaging and accessible to children...

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Will IT Lead the Comeback?

It has never been my habit to dwell on economic news. Frankly, I never considered that I could rely much on standard news reporting anyway...

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