Tech Workforce & Hiring Trends - January 2022

by Samantha Ogletree

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An estimated 4.5 million workers quit or changed jobs in November, according to new data from the Department of Labor, as labor shortages have helped create one of the most worker-friendly job climates in years. Read more from The Washington Post.

Companies are setting aside an average 3.9% of total payroll for wage increases in 2022, the largest increase since 2008, according to a new report from the Conference Board, a private research group. Read more from The Wall Street Journal.


When it comes to hiring a software developer, every hiring manager takes a different approach to qualifying candidates. In this month's Informatizer article, we break down the different hiring techniques we have seen in the staffing industry--along with their respective shortcomings.

With New York City’s passage of one of the toughest U.S. laws regulating the use of artificial intelligence tools in the workplace, federal officials are signaling that they too want to scrutinize how that new technology is being used to sift through a growing job applicant pool without running afoul of civil rights laws and baking in discrimination. Read more from Bloomberg Law.

The start of this year may seem uncomfortably similar to the beginning of 2021, with surging coronavirus case counts, event cancellations and companies revising their return-to-office plans. But in 2022, there are important differences in the path of the pandemic — and the policy response to it. Read more from The New York Times.

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This is Stout's monthly curated digest of hiring and employment news. Sign up to receive it each month in your email inbox.

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