Tech Workforce & Hiring Trends - July 2023

by Samantha Ogletree

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tech job marketDespite recent headlines involving layoffs at major companies, tech jobs remain among the most in-demand jobs in the labor market. What has changed about the tech hiring landscape: the jobs are less at Big Tech companies. Instead, tech workers should target their job search at small and medium-sized enterprises. Read more from CNBC.

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Tech sector companies increased headcount by 5,348 jobs last month. Among the six top level tech occupation categories three show positive gains through the first half of 2023 – IT and custom software services and systems design; PC, semiconductor and components manufacturing; and cloud infrastructure, data processing and hosting. Read more from PR NewsWire.

NYC AI law employmentAfter months of delays, New York City today began enforcing a law that requires employers using algorithms to recruit, hire or promote employees to submit those algorithms for an independent audit — and make the results public. The first of its kind in the country, the legislation — New York City Local Law 144 — also mandates that companies using these types of algorithms make disclosures to employees or job candidates. Read more from Tech Crunch.

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employment law trendsThis year, preventing employment discrimination remains a significant employment law and regulatory concern, with legislatures continuing to expand the protected classifications beyond those protected under federal law, and creating new limitations on what demographic and pay-related information an employer may seek from job applicants. Read more from Littler.

developer deploy Are you prepared for your key employees being taken out of the loop? Is your company prepared for YOU being "hit by a bus"? Dealing with something like that is never easy, but with planning and on-going preparation, you can make it much easier for the company/project to survive. Read more from Stout Systems.

hr attract developers hireTechnology companies are shedding the very talent that incumbent players need to meet their own digital objectives. Here’s what HR teams in traditional organizations can do to capitalize. Read more from McKinsey.

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This is Stout's monthly curated digest of hiring and employment news. Sign up to receive it each month in your email inbox.


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