Tech Workforce & Hiring Trends - March 2022

by Samantha Ogletree

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Employees working in office

The ‘Great Resignation' represents a risk to organizations, who may see the knowledge and skill of key workers they have invested heavily in over the years, disappearing out of their organizations' virtual front door. Advanced Workplace Associates released a 10 step plan for these companies to tackle the Great Resignation. Read more from Advanced Workplace Associates.

Google Logo

Google isn’t the only company requesting workers go back to the office. Jobs report shows more people are joining the ‘Great Return.’ Google recently announced its return to office plans starting in April. Read more from Market Watch.

AI software

Businesses utilizing AI for hiring could face legal pushback. A New York law will make it illegal for AI to be used in hiring processes unless the system undergoes regular audits to prevent bias. Artificial intelligence has become an important tool for many insurers, and while some have found this technology invaluable during the hiring process, policymakers are concerned AI tools could be misused in ways that negatively affect prospective employees. Read more from InsurTech Center

Employee Health Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic apparently fueled an interest in long-term disability insurance, according to a survey by DI insurtech Breeze. How did premiums change according to gender, age, & occupation? Did the pandemic have consumers applying for more coverage? Breeze analyzed their internal data from the last two years to find out. Read more from Breeze.

Employee team work on computers at a wooden table in an officeThe rise of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned new hopes for the spread of tech jobs into the U.S. heartland. A recent Brookings report probes the latest trends in the geography of tech over the past decade and through the pandemic. Specifically, the analysis examines detailed employment data as well as location-specific job postings to assess local and national hiring trends. Read more from Brookings.

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This is Stout's monthly curated digest of hiring and employment news. Sign up to receive it each month in your email inbox.


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