Tech Workforce & Hiring Trends - March 2023

by Samantha Ogletree

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The tech industry is already experiencing the brunt of layoffs. "But don't be fooled," says CEO of Dublin-based SocialTalent, a learning platform for recruiters. "Hiring will still be incredibly difficult. As big as the recent number of layoffs seem, this is only a fraction of total current vacancies. Combine this with global workforce shrinkage, and it only adds to the challenge of recruiting." Experts agree that even when the labor market contracts and hiring freezes spread, recruiting operations should not be slashed. Read more from SHRM.

using indeed for hiringIndeed's new Pay Per Application pricing model has launched with promises to enable employers to pay only for quality applications--to make hires "faster." But does it hold up? Stout's Marketing & Media Manager, Samantha Ogletree, exposes the difficulties that this paradigm presents and provides some tips to help navigate these obstacles. Read more from Stout Systems.

remote workJob seekers polled by ZipRecruiter say they’d be prepared to take a 14% pay cut to work remotely, on average. The figure skews higher—to about 20%—for parents with young children. Most companies have turned to a “hybrid” model, with a work week split between maybe two days from home and three in the office, economists said. That arrangement has yielded a slight boost in average worker productivity. Read more from CNBC.

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women in workplace reportAs most state legislatures have been active during the first quarter of 2023, certain trends have started to emerge. Hot topics this year include workplace freedom of speech, reproductive health, the use of artificial intelligence in personnel decisions, pay transparency, marijuana legalization, and COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 vaccination mandates in the workplace. Read more from Littler.

pay transparency nyc

A New York City tech worker is going viral for learning a role with her job title was being advertised online and offering up to $90,000 more per year, thanks to a new salary transparency law in the city. Employers should avoid similar situations by being proactive about making market adjustments for workers who may be underpaid, and communicating their pay strategy to employees. Read more from CNBC.

Hiring at U.S. small businesses

Despite ongoing news coverage of layoffs—which the Federal Reserve recently characterized as “scattered reports”—hiring is the much bigger story. There were 6.37 million hires in January. Is the market strong? Is it deteriorating? Is good news about jobs actually good? Or is it bad? The answers to all of those questions are: Yes. Read more from Yahoo!Finance.

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This is Stout's monthly curated digest of hiring and employment news. Sign up to receive it each month in your email inbox.


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