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We are known for award-winning software by some of our customers, but others think of Stout Systems as their go-to resource for technical recruiting and staffing services.

Attracting Top Technical Talent

Recruiting services throughout Michigan and across the nation use the same techniques to source candidates.

What makes Stout Systems different?

Because we are both a software development company and a technical staffing services firm, we understand technology professionals.

More importantly, Stout Systems’ team of Tech Talent Specialists takes pride in the amazing connections they make between our clients and our candidates.
How many recruiting services firms excel at building relationships with candidates? Well, Stout Systems does.
Our team understands that a great company, a great job and a great candidate go hand in hand. Finding that perfect match—one that is a great career move for the candidate and a great solution for the company—is what it’s all about.

They strive to build lasting relationships with every candidate they contact. That way if today’s opportunity isn’t a match, they will recognize tomorrow’s opportunity that is. 

And Stout Systems’ level of communication is unparalleled—something that technology professionals value as much as a great job opportunity.

Don't Take our Word for it

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can read or hear from our satisfied candidates and clients themselves.

Read candidate staffing and recruiting services reviews on Glassdoor and Google.

Read client reviews on Clutch.

You can also watch video testimonials.
Stout Systems
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Wassim Katbey
Wassim Katbey
02:32 15 Jan 20
I'm working with Stout Systems on a Software Development role, for a company in the Metro Detroit Area. The recruitment process was great. Following my recruitment (and the period before I began work) the staff at Stout Systems always kept up with me, and answered any questions I had regarding pay, benefits, etc. If you're looking to fill tech roles, definitely give them a chance!
Soheil Javadi
Soheil Javadi
23:11 19 Jun 19
It went like that... A phone screen and then two offers. One of which led to an in-person interview and I got the job :) Very nice people and very supportive. Thank you Priya and all stout team.
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Our Niche

Since the dot com boom times of the 1990s, Stout has provided temporary staffing services and direct-hire recruiting services to companies ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 100s.

We excel at finding technology professionals for all aspects of software development and IT.

Here is a sampling of engagements we have successfully staffed:


Another way to get to know more about our recruiting services is to see the candidates we are currently working with. It is the opposite approach when compared to looking at the roles we have filled in the past. Either is a great way to learn more about us. You can visit our candidate summaries today, and then visit them again in another few days to see a different group. It is always changing. 

Meet the Team that will be Working with You

Our veteran Tech Talent team will be engaged directly with you throughout the recruiting process, from the intake call, to presenting candidates to you, and right through to the offer negotiation.

Natalie Scruggs is a staffing specialist, connecting customers and candidates to create that perfect match.

Natalie Scruggs

Staffing Specialist
Priya Mani is a Tech Talent Specialist at Stout Systems. She has a spectacular track record of finding and matching great candidates with great jobs.


Tech Talent Specialist
Brian Skory is a veteran Tech Talent Specialist at Stout Systems. He has helped hundreds of candidates land jobs and contract engagements that have boosted their careers.

Brian Skory

Tech Talent Specialist
Evan Artress Stout Systems Tech Talent Specialist

Evan Artress

Tech Talent Specialist
Jan Hazekamp is a Technical Screener at Stout Systems, helping Stout qualify candidates in a way few staffing agencies do.

Jan Hazekamp

Technical Screener
Chris Mollo is a Technical Screener at Stout Systems. He prides himself in putting job seekers at ease during his interviews with them.

Chris Mollo

Technical Screener

Twenty-one Point Screening Process

Why do we succeed where other (bigger) recruiting services and staffing services fail?

Maybe it’s because of our patented 21-point screening process. Just kidding—about the patent that is. But not about the process. We give technology professionals 21 opportunities to fail—meaning that by the time candidates have passed muster with us, they are definitely worth a look. 

Our 21-point screening process also gives technology professionals 21 opportunities to succeed. And this is where the magic happens.
Stout Systems is a staffing and recruiting services company that actually understands technology professionals. It looks like magic, but it isn’t. Well, maybe a bit.
Because sometimes a technology professional is better at writing code than writing a resume.

One key aspect of our twenty-one point screening process is this: we borrow talent from our own software development team to conduct live, over-the-phone technical interviews with all candidates. Unlike most temp services and staffing services, we aren’t just looking for keywords on resumes. While this may reduce the number of candidates we present to our clients, it increases our quality. That is why a candidate submitted by Stout Systems is always worth interviewing. 

Temporary Staffing versus Direct-Hire Recruiting

Many hiring and HR managers struggle to determine whether or not they should engage us for direct-hire recruiting assistance or for temporary staffing.

Here are a few high-level points that might enable someone to choose between the two:

  • Temporary staffing works well when a team needs special skills for a project of finite duration.
  • Temporary staffing also works well when a team needs to increase its velocity and throughput just to meet a critical deadline.

When your company’s domain or code takes a long time to learn, direct-hire recruiting makes sense. Otherwise the time invested bringing a temporary resource up to speed is wasted.

What about Contract-to-Hire?

The contract-to-hire model is a hybrid approach to hiring.

Companies engage candidates as if they are on a temporary staffing service assignment.

After a defined period of time such as six months, the company has the option to extend an offer of direct-hire employment to the candidate or to end the engagement.

The contract-to-hire model works well in several circumstances:

  • Some company cultures are highly sensitive to firings as they can damage the team spirit. If a contract-to-hire resource reaches the end of an assignment without being direct-hired, that is not viewed negatively by employees—and doesn’t impact the esprit de corp.
  • Similarly, if there have been rounds of lay-offs in recent memory, employees are understandably nervous. If a contract-to-hire resource doesn’t work out, employee morale isn’t damaged.
  • Sometimes growth is forecast—but far from certain. Augmenting staff with a goal of direct-hiring them if the growth actually occurs is a great way to ramp up with a rapid ramp down plan ready to be triggered if needed.

Read Peg Bogema's blog post on direct-hire versus contract-to-hire for an in depth discussion on this topic.

Employment with Stout Systems

If you hire temporary staff through Stout Systems, they will be direct-hire employees of Stout Systems for the duration of their assignment with your company.

  • Stout Systems provides first class medical, dental and vision benefits—offering two different medical insurance plans and featuring an employer-funded HSA Savings Account.
  • Stout Systems provides life insurance and long term disability insurance at no cost to the employees.

Where possible, when temporary employment with one company is completed, Stout Systems re-assigns personnel to another customer project.

Where that isn’t possible, Stout Systems assists its personnel in their job search.

As the employer, Stout Systems pays for Workers Comp, federal and state unemployment insurance and all other mandated taxes and fees.

Ready to Talk about Staffing and Recruiting Services?

We’d love to hear about your technical recruiting and staffing needs. 

Send a note through our contact form. You can also message or call us at 877.663.0877.
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