The Summer​ Vacation Interview Maze

by Brian Skory

For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the increase in vacation schedules, activity in the tech sector often begins to slow down a bit during the summer months. And who can blame a hiring manager for wanting to take advantage of one of the many summer offerings of this great state? This comes at a price for the job seeker, however, as the interviewing process can oftentimes slow to an almost painful pace. Getting an interview team to be available during the same 4-hour block is difficult enough during the best of times. With team members taking their summer vacations, it can be a logistical nightmare. Let me highlight a couple of slow-downs we see during candidates' "dog days of summer" job search.

  • When we submit a candidate to a hiring manager for review, we generally will get feedback within a day or two. This can slow down to as much as a week or more.
  • In the event of interest, we generally see an interview taking place in the next 4-5 business days. Just recently, however, we had a candidate interview delayed by more than a week.

What This Might Mean For You

With two or three opportunities, you might find yourself on the receiving end of an offer before you've completed your other interviews. This would be a good thing if it's a position you are ready to accept. On the other hand, you might have been depending on getting through all three interviews so that you could make an informed decision. From our perspective, there is generally a bit of flexibility from all parties involved. Our experience:

  1. The company making you an offer is generally willing to wait up to a week for you to make a decision. Letting them know that you have a couple of interviews that you'd like to complete is a fair request and one they should respect.
  2. Let the other companies know you have an offer in hand but you'd still like to interview with them to make a fair comparison. If they are truly interested, they will often move heaven and earth to make that interview happen before your other offer expires. As well, they will likely put their best offer forward first since they know they are on borrowed time.

Hopefully these tips will help you to keep your summer interviewing fruitful.
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