Workshops Deliver Significant Value to Software Development Managers

by Stout

On Wednesday, September 30, Stout Systems presented the third in a series of workshops designed for the “Accidental or Reluctant Software Development Manager”—someone who has been thrust into the role of managing a development team due to their domain expertise and/or technical acumen, but often against their wishes and with no formal training in the unique challenges of that role. This workshop was focused on the topic of “Accurately Estimating Software Projects” and was the most successful event in the series to date, based on the enthusiastically positive feedback received from attendees.


“Our goals in developing these workshops is to give back to the technical community and to provide the unique opportunity to learn from our most seasoned technical leadership” said John W. Stout, Founder and President of Stout Systems. “Our surveys indicated that the task of accurately estimating software projects was the most troublesome issue faced by Software Development Managers. So the Stout team put their heads together and formulated an event that we believed would offer significant value in addressing this issue. I’m proud to say that, based on the overwhelming response of attendees, we thoroughly achieved our goals.”


The workshop was attended by a “who’s who” of Southeast Michigan’s finest software development managers and senior software engineers. Here is a sampling of the excellent feedback that was provided by attendees:

“I have found the Stout seminars to be very informative. I appreciate the comprehensive yet unbiased presentation of each of the topics.”
J.R. - Director of Software Development

“I have really enjoyed the seminars provided by Stout for the Reluctant Software Development Manager. Really good information presented by highly experienced people!!"
D.R. - Senior Software Engineer

Based on the enthusiastic response received from our valued clients and the technical community at large, Stout will be offering additional workshops in the near future. Stay tuned for more info.
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